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Why your Moon sign matters

I’m that person in a social situation: “Wait, do you know your moon sign? No? Let me check for you. Ahhh, a scorpio moon- makes all the sense. Ok, continue. What were you saying?” Why is this such a big deal to me? Because currently in my life I’m trying immensely to understand why people are the way they are so that I can learn how to respond to others with a little more grace, rather than constantly reacting to our differences. We currently live in a world that believes differences should be something to fear rather than celebrating the gorgeous melting pot that makes the soup of our society so flavorful and exciting. I think if we took the time to truly understand our neighbors, our brother and sisters, our own parents and children, then this world would feel a lot more harmonious instead of divided. And ultimately, isn’t that our goal here on this Earth? Unity and Connectivity…

Each being on this planet has their own robust superpowers, light, and strengths… we also have our shadows- all unique to every individual. Based on our sun and moon signs, we gain a greater understanding of our choices and emotional responses to our inner and outer worlds. We are all so complex (thank God) and filled with such depth that’s truly worth exploring. It is much easier for us to simply say “I don’t get that person. We don’t vibe. Adios” than it is to really get to know a being beyond their surface. Hell, it’s much easier for us to live our own lives on the surface than dive into the unknown depths of our inner worlds. Life on the surface is what we’re used to… it’s as cozy as ugg slippers, hot tea, and a fire on a cold, dreary day- but, we must understand the value of stepping out of our comfort zones- of going beneath the surface to really gain a deep understand of who and why we are the way we are. When we dive deeply, we begin to experience and live a life of excitement and love instead of in the coziness of fear. I personally am here for the great adventure of this life- otherwise, we’re living life in autopilot and I just can’t… this world, my insides, your ideas are all just too interesting to not value, treasure, and explore. To put it simply, I’m not interested in being bored. Let’s dig in!!!

Most of us are somewhat familiar with our sun sign. It’s the most talked about and based on which zodiac sign the sun was in on the day you were born. The sun sign represents the essence of you, how you exist in the world. For example, I am a Cancer sun sign, which is governed by the water element, meaning it is a deeply emotional sign (meet me). Cancer is also the mother sign and I definitely can be seen as a mothering soul, one who wants to nurture, to help, to soothe others. Cancer sun signs are intuitive and feel intensely… but there is a part of me that doesn’t quite come across as 100% cancer. The way I respond to my emotional body and work doesn’t completely resonate with the sign of Cancer. While I am an actual mother and deeply emotional, I’m also, to be quite honest, a boos-ass-bitch. Enter the value of the MOON SIGN- in my case: Virgo… which explains why I am a yoga teacher (Cancer), but also found the need to open my own studio (Virgo)- which means I’m completely connected to and effected by the moon and eager to share this wisdom with the world (Cancer), but also couldn’t just sit with the info and share it with my immediate group of yoga students- I needed to (with my business partner) create an app called moonlit so everyone would have the moon phase, what that means, and the sign she’s soaring through on their calendars at all times (Virgo). 

Just like the sun, the moon moves through the zodiac system as well. The sun soars through a different sign every 28 (ish) days, while the moon cruises into a new zodiac sign every 2-3 days. The moon is the closest celestial body to the Earth and therefore we typically feel her pull most often and evidently. If the moon has the power to literally move the ocean, we must understand that since we are made of about 70% water, she will inevitably pull us as well. The moon is governed by the water element and the water element within us rules our emotions. This is why we can literally FEEL when a full moon is near or here, as our emotions are heightened, like the vast waves of the ocean.

Since the moon moves just like the sun but at a more rapid pace, it brings us great wisdom to understand that we were also born under a specific moon based on which sign the moon was in on your day/time of birth. Your moon sign will determine how you feel into this life, as it governs your emotions, your response to this mighty world, and your subconscious. By gaining a deep awareness of your specific moon sign, you will understand the essence of your being below the surface. Since the moon is the ruler of our emotional bodies, it often illuminates our shadow sides. This is not just knowledge… this is wisdom that will transform your life because like I mentioned earlier, understanding our moon signs (bonus points if you learn your partner’s and/or family members’) will help us on our path toward more grace because we learn how to respond instead of forcing ourselves and our emotions into circumstances that are of no service to our souls, therefore causing us to react and fall into our shadows. This guides us into a state of alignment and when even the tiniest thing is misaligned, we will know exactly how to respond with love over fear.

To find your sun and moon sign, you will need to know your birthday, place of birth, and time of birth. Find your birth chart here: https://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php

Aries Moon: Aries is a fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac system, so when we think of Aries, we think of newness and birth. So, they will always be ready for a new experience or the excitement of spontaneity. An Aries Moon definitely wants his/her way and takes things personally, but will forgive and forget quickly. They can get fired up quickly and easily, but will move on just as rapidly. They will definitely let you know if you upset them. But, just like the fire element, their emotions are always changing and transforming.

Taurus Moon: An Earth sign, the Taurus Moon loves stability and security. They are most aligned when responding to their emotions with the grounding force of inner wisdom. They are also extremely strong willed and stubborn, though. Taurus is represented by the bull, so as far as their inner world is concerned, there could be a stubbornness attached to their emotions. They don’t necessarily get angry easily, but when they do- take cover! It is common for the Lunar Taurus to eat emotionally because good, rich, savory food is the comfort.

Gemini Moon: All air signs turn to the energy of communication and Gemini is probably the most social of all the signs. A Gemini Moon will want to talk through their emotions… Partly because as the twin sign, gemini can be two-sided, meaning their inner world can be all over the place, literally feeling two things- literal polarities- at the same time. They are extremely curious and love to communicate about their curiosities. They live in inner polarities, feeling cheerful one minute and sad the next. Ultimately, though they are lighthearted and can be cheered up quickly via the medicine of laughter.

Cancer Moon: All. The. FEELS. Like whoa! A Cancer Moon feels so intensely as a water sign governed by the moon herself. Whew- this moon sign is going to experience some serious sensation in this life. As the crab, it is easy for a Cancer Moon to react to their overwhelming emotions by going into their crab shell instead of letting their feelings pour out. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac system, so they are incredibly nurturing and hold such high regard to home and family. The Lunar Cancer NEEDS to have the space to feel and nurture his/her emotions. 

Leo Moon: This fiery sign is all about the light. The lime-light, that is. A Leo Moon tends to bring his/her emotions to the center of attention and might even publicly display their inner world outwardly. Ruled by the heart, a Leo Moon is extremely charming and filled with passion. They definitely need loads of attention, though, and can often react to their emotions dramatically.

Virgo Moon: A Virgo Moon is deeply intuitive and as a result extremely passionate about purpose in this life… sometimes to a fault- meaning their attention to detail and need for constant progression can lead to perfectionism, which then sends us down the road of disappointment. But, their dedication and hard work are serious gifts to this earth, as they tend to focus on helping others, health, and wellness. Routine, schedules, and organization help Lunar Virgos stay grounded when their inner world of perfectionism and need to DO EVERYTHING get overwhelming. 

Libra Moon: Deeply connected to relationships, they need connectivity- specifically partnership. Represented by the scales, a Libra Moon will feel most aligned with balance and as a result seeks balance in all things, especially their emotions. They will avoid confrontation at all cost and do anything to keep the peace. Libra Moons are typically irresistible and like people magnets. Others love to be around them because they’re charismatic and great conversationalists. But, oftentimes their desire for harmony will result in buried emotions. 

Scorpio Moon: This water sign is deeply emotional, intense, and intuitive. Lunar Scorpios have the ability to see straight through others and are very empathic. Because of this, they have the tendency to take on other’s emotions. Since they feel so profoundly, they can also keep those sensations to themselves and become secretive. Scorpio Moons are sensual and protective; therefore they make great partners, but can often live in extremes.

Sagittarius Moon: To put it simply, the Sag Moon needs and craves freedom. They love an adventure and appreciate the mighty wonders of this world. They are likely to do this with their emotions as well. A lunar Sagittarius needs space to explore, learn, and grown on their own. They do not want to be told what to do, how to do it, where to go, or how to get there. Their inner world is carefree; attention to detail is not their strong suit. They simply believe everything will work out as its meant to: Little fear and lots of trust. They are also escape artists, though- when the going gets tough, they peace out!

Capricorn Moon: Ruled by the goat, always climbing to the peak of the mountain, a Lunar Capricorn is focused on productivity and efficiency. Even when dealing with his/her inner workings, the focus will be on work. They are most at peace when they are working, which can be their light, but also a shadow, as they tend to turn to work instead of dealing with their feelings. Typically, they deal with their emotions very rationally and in a practical manner.

Aquarius Moon: Extremely intellectual and analytical, a Lunar Aquarius will typically take the time to really study the inner workings of their emotions, shadows, and internal world. They feel the need to process their emotions on their own without the help of others, which can make them seem closed-off and detached; but usually they are just deep in study. Their uniqueness can often lead them to develop strong defense mechanisms.

Pisces Moon: This moon sign lives in dream world. Governed by the enchanting planet, Neptune, a Pisces Moon will often process his/her inner world via their dreams. They are intuitive and sensitive. This water sign can often feel like they’re drowning in their emotions, but are beautifully creative. So, creative expression via writing, painting, cooking, or gardening are great ways for a Lunar Pisces to deal with their inner world. Deeply sympathetic and kind-hearted, but never tell a pisces moon what to do or how to process their emotions. They need to come to conclusions on their own.


By: Alee Link