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The Medicine of Awareness

The hugest reason we created the moonlit app in the first place was because we dreamed of a world where people were so connected to themselves, each other, the natural world, and the Universe that they developed the courage and confidence to reclaim their personal power. 

You see, we currently live in a world where we depend on other people to think, feel, and speak for us. We are constantly distracted, always rushing, overworked, and stressed. As a result, we are being heavily influenced by other people without even realizing it. I mean, there’s even a job title now called an “influencer.” 

We have all been uniquely and divinely designed to be alive on this earth right here and now. That in itself is a damn miracle… Because of this, we have an obligation to wake up and tune in. We have become so dependent on external influence that we struggle to even make our own decisions. It’s even hard for us to decide what we want for dinner or where we should go eat. The truth? Everyone does have an opinion and if someone thinks they don’t, they simply haven’t taken the time to actually go within and ask themselves: what is it that I want? 

Not knowing what it is that we want and wanting other people to constantly make the decisions that ultimately shape our lives is a sure sign of low-self-worth. Everyone has or has had a form of low-self-worth at some point in their lives- this shows up as indecisiveness, guilt, shame, jealousy, feeling unworthy, comparison, thinking we aren’t smart, beautiful, or good enough, etc etc etc… Why, though, if we were divinely designed to to be living with purpose would SO many of us be living with such low-self-worth? 

I have two theories:

1.People like power and some have found when they lead you to think you have none, then they have more… hence the world of constant distraction, where we’re constantly being told what we “need” to buy, how we “should” look, etc … When we wake up from this reality, though, it’s as if we’re being freed from the prison of external control…

2.GROWTH! So often people and circumstances are placed in our lives in order to illuminate a certain part of ourselves. Perhaps we’re constantly surrounded by people we’re jealous of, who trigger us, who make us feel poorly about ourselves or lesser than. I know I’ve been there- almost like I put myself there over and over again until a lesson was learned. When this happens enough, we eventually experience Self-Realization. Any external relationship in our lives is merely a mirror for us- a reflection of our internal workings. It’s as if there is a light being shown on the deepest parts of ourselves that are holding us back from ultimate growth. Once the light is shown, you simply can’t ignore it- which leads to growth, expansion, and evolution!

Here’s the deal: we were all uniquely placed on this planet at this time, with these people because each soul- together- contributes to this magical cocktail of evolution. WE ARE HERE TO EVOLVE. And let me tell you one thing I know for sure, evolution is a beautiful and extremely necessary concept for us to grasp on a micro and macro level. Each generation has a specific job for the greater good of all and we are all here to do our work, while holding space for other generations to do theirs. 

Enter AWARENESS… “Awareness is like the sun. Everything it touches is transformed.” -Thich Naht Hanh

Until the last 6 years, I spent my entire life distracted. Not on purpose, it was just “the way I was…” Music, television, and constant movement was the name of my game- ALWAYS. Over the last six years with the help of my yoga practice, my husband, and of course, the moon, I have realized that I was using those things to numb me. Why? Because this mama FEELS. I feel everything so hard (Cancer Sun). I feel and see other people’s energy so clearly, it sometimes hurts. The state of the world constantly makes me feel sick. And on top of it all, I knew I had purpose, but struggled to find clarity and I just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t advancing in my career, why I felt jealous all the time, and why I always felt the need to control everything and everyone. As a result, I developed a “I can and will do it all” mentality- another distraction… 

Eventually, through working with the Full and New Moons, I developed a deeper understanding of my inner workings simply by heightening my awareness. As I dove deeper into the world of astrology, I realized I wasn’t lesser than, weird, or stupid… absolutely NOT! I was ME- I started by using the Full Moon to allow myself space to truly remove external distractions and tune in to the current energy at hand. With each Full Moon, I shed another layer- sometimes 2! I started to see/feel my personal worth grow as my teachings (I’m a yoga teacher) became more connected and my students were also seeing HUGE shifts in their own lives based on what we learned and experienced in class. Then, I started working with the magic of the New Moon, setting intentions, planting seeds, feeling into the given energy. Becoming AWARE… That’s when I started experiencing magnetism with the Universe, meaning I literally saw my manifestations come to life. 

I started out small and there were many trials, tests, and hardships along the way- but essentially, the moon helped guide me into a heightened state of consciousness. I was aware of my actual self for the first time and it felt like pure liberation. My relationship with the moon is like that with other people in my life; it is a mirror- a reflection- of my internal workings. Like her, we too grow through phases and experience cycles… but no matter the phase, the moon is still the moon and so are we. 

We are currently in the sign of Libra, which governs our relationships, balance, beauty, and harmony in our lives and it is no coincidence that this upcoming Full Moon is in the sign of Aries, which governs the SELF… During this time, the Universe is begging us to step out of the world of constant distraction and external influence and into the world of Self-Realization. It is time to form a TRUTHFUL relationship with ourselves. Why? Because when we are truthful with ourselves, it is only then that we are truthful with the world. When we value ourselves, it is only then that we can value the world. When we LOVE ourselves, it is only then that we can love the world- and everyone in it!

This all sounds lovely, but how on earth do we go about doing this? 

AWARENESS: We can only love what we’re aware of. How can we love the sky, the earth, the moon, the stars, the trees, people, God, or ourselves if we aren’t actually aware of these things? The truth- it’s impossible. And so, with this First Quarter Moon (time for action) in Capricorn (time to commit and get to work), we begin a practice of awareness. It all begins within- We must first learn this for ourselves before we can truly understand this on a grander level:

1.Everyday, observe your breath for 5 minutes. Nothing dramatic or fancy, simply watch the breath in and follow the breath out. You can set a timer on your phone or use an app like Insight! SO SIMPLE!

2.Journal- I have found that people either hate it or love it. But, the best thing one can do in order to become AWARE of themselves is to write it out. In some way or another, we MUST get it out. Otherwise, our thoughts and analyzations fill the mind so much that it is on the brink of explosion, resulting in stress, fear, disease, and anxiety. I’m not a huge fan of everyday prompts unless I’m working with specific Lunar Energy (like you’ll find on the Full/New Moon Ceremonies on the moonlit app), I like to DUMP. When something or someone is annoying me or eating at me, I open the journal and just write it out unapologetically. Sometimes as if it’s a letter to that person, but mostly, I just pour it out! The things I’m able to process and scenarios I digest as a result are mind-blowing. Conveniently, we have a journal feature on the app. I highly recommend writing out EVERYTHING, then highlighting everything, then clicking DELETE and watch it disappear. Medicine!

3.Date Yourself. Spend a day this week asking yourself what do I like? What do I want to do? What do I want to eat? It is as simple as that. Take one day to do, eat, and experience things that make you happy and fill you up. This is the greatest practice in strengthening your intuition, which guides you even deeper into self worth and into a state where you have reclaimed your personal power. It is then and only then that we are actually of GREAT and real service to this earth. We have a responsibility. 

We are so honored to be on this journey with each of you and continue to pray that this app and this work guides you further down your path to unblocking ANY limiting beliefs about yourself so that you see yourself in the eyes of the Universe: pure, beautiful, powerful, mighty, and worthy. 

Upcoming Full Moon in Aries: 10/13

Set a reminder using the moonlit app now and make plans with your tribe to gather. It will be especially powerful for this specific lunar event to hold space with those you hold near and dear! 

Sending blessings (as always) for Liberation, Illumination, and Transformation. Stay LIT!

Much Love,