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The Extra Hour: Values and Priorities (plus a time-saving astrological cheat-sheet)

I often hear people express their disinterest in Astrology because it’s yet another thing to do, learn, or explore and who has the time?. They often say, “How do you have time to learn all of that?”

The truth? I MAKE the time because it is necessary for my overall health and wellbeing… The understanding I have gained from the wisdom of astrology has not only strengthened every single relationship in my life, but also my relationship with myself and as a Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, and Libra Rising- this is the most important thing in my life. Sure I’m busy- just like everyone else, but the ease and peace that have come into my life as a result of this knowledge is something I will be forever grateful for. 

On Sunday, with the Daylight Savings Time shift, many parts of the country received an “extra hour” in their day. Of course I put “extra hour” in quotation marks because we all know that time is an illusion and not linear, but seemingly, it felt as though we received an extra hour- which led me to think: what would I do if I got an “extra hour” every single day. In other words, how would I fill that space in a way that brought complete joy, freedom, and love into my daily life? 

Honestly, we are all busy and we live in a world that not only glorifies busyness, but loves to compare busyness… the parents think they are busier than those without children. Those with full time jobs think they’re busier than those who work part time. The volunteer thinks they’re busier than the one with the 9 to 5. The student thinks they have way more on their plate than the teachers and visa versa. The bottomline is everyone is busy in their own way and its all relative. However, we’ve become so obsessed with being busy- and being seen for our busyness- that we have lost the natural ability to prioritize the things in life that truly hold the deepest value. 

With information overload and wild societal expectations, we are living in a world where our truest, deepest core values are being undermined by the mundane and meaningless. This is not to say that errands, obligations, and after-school activities don’t matter… but, rather an invitation to check in and honestly ask yourself: what matters most to my insides? Not based on societal pressure or the expectations of others- but in the depths of your soul: what fills you up? What are your currently prioritizing? And, what does your soul long for you to prioritize?

The reality is we ALL have an “extra hour” in the day… we all have time to tap into our unique value system- whether it’s meditation, yoga, journaling, creating, dance classes, learning, etc. We simply have different priorities of what we deem important in our lives. For me the most important thing in the world is honoring my individual authenticity and using it wisely as service to the greater good. I know, thanks to astrology (lunar astrology to be specific) that I must take ample time to be quiet, to retreat, and restore in order to be a mother, teacher, and guide in this world In order to offer my unique services, I must prioritize meditation, solitude, and ceremony… and so, even on my busiest days- especially on my busiest days- I MAKE the time to retreat. Even if it is for 5 minutes, I light a candle, make a tea, and sit outside and sometimes that’s all I need. 

Consider Journaling This:

If you were given an extra hour during the day, what would light your authentic self up with the purest illumination? How will you make this a top priority in your daily life?

So, today, I share with you the reason I find astrology so valuable in my life in an effort to simplify yours and offer you time-saving information on your journey to deeper realization. Astrology is wildly important to me because it helps me understand the energetics of not only myself and others, but also with what’s happening in the world. When I understand the force behind any given energy, I am then able to take a moment to pause, reflect, listen, and respond instead of reacting in a way that is inauthentic to my soul. Specific understanding/awareness of lunar astrology is simple, yet life-changing and that is why we developed the moonlit app in the first place. We noticed that family and friends wanted to know more, but couldn’t find the time… hence the simplicity of the app.

On the app, you will find a short and sweet description of the current lunar phase every single day along with what you can do to work WITH that energy. Even having one word a day to focus on will literally transform your life. Why? Because it brings you into a deeper state of alignment and that is what the world so desperately needs now: for us to work with the earth, each other, the moon, and all the stars in order to understand the grand workings and then realizing that we are part of this vast eco-system on a micro and macro level. The more we honor the energetic flow, the more magical and magnetic this life becomes personally and globally. But we must take the time to understand what’s going on, how to respond, and how we fit into this intelligent puzzle of life. It is then that our core values become our top priorities and they truly are crystal clear- all of that just by tuning into the phase of the moon? YASSS KWEEN!

To take it to the next level- we begin to develop an understanding (note: understanding is different from memorization) of each of the zodiac signs in relation to the moon. The moon governs our emotional existence, response, and reactions. Every 2.5 days, la luna glides through a different zodiac sign (unlike the sun, who moves through a different sign every 28-ish days), gifting us with different energy constantly that is here to love us and support us through this journey toward authenticity and connectivity. Knowing that the moon rules our emotions, we can then plug this magic into an equation:

Energy of the current phase of the moon + energy of the zodiac sign she’s in = what we should focus on/be aware of via responding and connecting

For example: First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

First Quarter= Take Action

Aquarius= Forward Thinking, Inventive. 

So, with the quarter moon in Aquarius, we take action on expanding our minds and thinking outside the box. If, for instance, something in your life hasn’t been working or feels off- this would be the day to check in, reassess, and actually take action to exploring an alternative route, executing in a different way, or trying something new all together. 

To simplify EVERYTHING for you, I’ve created this cheat-sheet, in order to save you even more time so that you can fill that “extra hour” with what truly brings you the most peace and joy in your life! Save this to your phone and use it together with the moonlit app to stay LIT!

Blessings to All, 

Alee Link