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Tapping In: the Water Element

This cycle’s third quarter Moon (MAY 26) falls into the Zodiac’s last sign water sign, the imaginative and adaptable sign of Pisces. This, of course, makes SO much sense to me that I am writing this piece for the dream of a Pisces Moon, for it was WATER that was most naturally accessible in FEELING and activity to me when I began my morning ritual of ‘tapping in’ (see part one of “tapping in” if you have not yet, here).

So, as far as explaining a short how-to on, “tapping into the water element,” this one comes VERY natural for me (Allison: Sun Scorpio, Moon Sagittarius, Rising Scorpio). 

Truly, as I am sitting here writing this, I can FEEL my skin swell, in the purest way. Much like the Ocean’s ebb and flow in accordance with the Moon’s gravitational pull… my water body is gravitating towards the keys I am pressing, pulsing to be writing this little blog piece. I FEEL and USE the energy of water so easily. 

And this is important to note…as you tap in to the Moon’s offerings, some elements will come to you in the most effortless way, while others will require more practice. But over time, and with continued awareness, all four elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air will come easy to you. They will feel balanced in your body. You will be able to use each energy for your growth and benefit, as you are innately meant to! 

But, before we discuss how to ‘tap into’ the element of water in YOUR being and throughout your day… we first must restate last Third Quarter Moon Blog’s point: 

Everything, seriously, EVERYTHING, in our Universe is made up of the same four elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING… not just the dirt of the Earth’s surface, or the nourishment of plants, the water we drink and or the air we breathe… but every single thing on our planet, including US, the human race, is made up of the same four elements. Yes! How beautiful is that? We too are made up of a sacred alchemy in the same seen and unseen ways of our planet! And what this means is, not only is everything connected, but also affected. Therefore, one of the ways in which we can grow with the cycles of the Universe, is to pay acute attention to our natural emotional satellite- THE MOON! We place our awareness on her different phases and the elements she moves through, for as she moves through them, SO DO WE. So, instead of tapping out and giving up into society’s clock… WE TAP IN and harness the energies offered up by the Moon for our individual and collective growth. 

Now, TODAY, with the Moon in her home element of water, what can we do to tap into this energy? What activities can we pursue with the Moon’s current swirling in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)? Well, dears, water days will always offer us powerful lessons within the realms of fluidity, emotions, spirituality and imagination.

So, after you taking your morning moment to ‘tap in’, noticing what water FEELS like in your body, connecting with Mother Moon herself, here are some activities to consider to enhance your dance with water:

STEP INTO THE FLOW: Fluidity is one of, if not THE most important lessons the element of water offers us. I mean think about it, water moves over, under, around and sometimes through. Water responds to life, as life provides. And she doesn’t make a big scene about it. She just does it. Water simply flows… effortlessly and beautifully. So, take time to place this lesson into your day by responding to life with allowance, with flow. So often in life, we try to control our experiences, but water teaches us the value in truly ‘going with the flow’. 

FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS: I know we say it ALOT… but when it comes to our growth, it is VITAL that we dive into our emotional landscape. So, when the Moon lies in the element of water, it can be especially potent to participate in an activity that opens you up to the emotions you are experiencing and/or holding on to. Personally, I love a quality hip focused yoga sequence (working on the sacral chakra, our emotional storehouse, itself connected to the water element) followed by a moment of reflection on my mat, or in the car when all is quiet. I usually focus on taking away one word that I am feeling. But, whatever activity you choose, choose to take notice of what you FEEL. 

WALK YOUR SPIRITUAL PATH: Meditate, Conversate and Pray. Why? Well the energy of water understands the depths of our spiritual journey. Meditation brings clarity, conversation brings a sense of openness and prayer brings gratitude. All of which are big players upon this spiritual journey we are on!

IMAGINE:With your imagination running on high, take time to use it! Pick one activity in your day (be it a project at work or time with your loved ones) to let your imagination run wild. Think big WHAT IFs, and let there be NO LIMITS.

And as always, STAY LIT, 

Allison Janssen