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Tapping In: the Fire Element

Tomorrow, the Moon moves into her Third Quarter phase still under the courageous sign of Aries. This movement marks for us a point to continue our exploration of how to tap into the elements Mother Moon moves through. Excited? I am, for this means I get to share with you my understanding of how we can harness the element of FIRE!

Yes, FIRE (most frequently placed (nyasa) in the solar plexus or third chakra). 

But, before discussing how to ‘tap into’ the element of fire in YOUR being and throughout your day…I first have to restate what I said in the first blog of this “Tapping In” series: 

“Everything, seriously, EVERYTHING, in our Universe is made up of the same four elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING… not just the dirt of the Earth’s surface, the molten fire of our Earth’s core, the water we drink and or the air we breathe… but every single thing on our planet, including US, the human race, is made up of the same four elements. Yes! How beautiful is that? We too are made up of a sacred alchemy in the same seen and unseen ways of our planet! And what this means is, not only is everything connected, but also affected. Therefore, one of the ways in which we can grow with the cycles of the Universe, is to pay acute attention to our natural emotional satellite- THE MOON! We place our awareness on her different phases and the elements she moves through, for as she moves through them, SO DO WE. So, instead of tapping out and giving into society’s clock… WE TAP IN and harness the energies offered up by the Moon for our individual and collective growth.”

Remember? Right, okay. You are on it! 

So, with the Moon ignited under the FIRE of Aries, we are being offered energy to walk through the fires of change. The energy of fire is all about destroying what was, to create something new. It is about having the courage to express our own innate power, to be fearless in the matters of heart and expanding our light into the world at large (Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). 

And granted, withstanding fire, being in it, is by far one of life’s most difficult things. Sometimes it can feel like a LONG burn, for real. But, think about the beauty of this alchemy. It’s literally SO sacred. The act of stepping into the fire to shed, burn and reform. I mean, think of a time in your life when you stepped into a challenge with courage and strength. How did you feel? What was your experience? Did you completely burn to ashes? Or did you transform into right where you were meant to be? My best guess is that YOU transformed! For, when we step into life with TRUST, with courage of heart and strength of mind, every challenge placed on our path is a ‘transformation point’, an opportunity to grow towards our highest self. 

So, after taking your morning moment to ‘tap in’ on tomorrow’s third quarter moon, noticing what fire FEELS like in your body, here are some activities to consider to enhance your fire dance: 

DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES YOU: This is one very big way that you can tap into the energy of fire…to do something that scares the literal sh*t out of you. Talk about transformation; for on the other side of fear lies our greater light, our moment of growth. While there are many aphorisms and quotes on this idea, I love the way Bear Grylls said it, “Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.”

GO PLAY: That’s right. Take 30 minutes, an hour, whatever time you can create to forget about being an adult for a hot minute, and allow your inner child room to play! Go outside, climb a tree, watch the clouds pass, play a game of tag with your family or friends. I mean really, who says such activities are only for children? It’s incredibly invigorating to PLAY! 

TRY SOMETHING NEW: Be it a new approach towards a relationship you are in or a type of food you swore off ages ago… go on and pursue it from a new angle. Just try it- and see what happens! 

BUILD A CAMP FIRE (safely, it is Summer): Sometimes just watching something burn is largely moving on its own. So, whether its a safe camp fire, a candle or a satchel of sage in an abalone shell, take time to watch it burn, allowing the wind to take it on, placing it somewhere holy new to be birthed into something new…once again. 

And as always, STAY LIT, 

Allison Janssen