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Tapping In: The Earth Element

EARTH- Hallelujah. 

I know you all get me, for the nurturing and stable energy of tomorrow’s Third Quarter Moon in Taurus, as the Sun too moves into the element of Earth in Virgo (August 23, 2019), comes as a true RETREAT after the recent FIRE of our Aries Moon and Leo Sun we basked in earlier this week.  

Truly, as necessary as the FIRE element is in our lives (think here..birth, courage, expansion), a sun burn is never a fun thing! Really, excess of any of the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) produces negative results. Too much water, we drown. Too much Fire, we burn. Too much Earth, we get stuck. Too much Air, we feel swept away. It is balance between all the elements that best serves our growth. And what is SO incredibly cool, is our Universe knows this and exercises this with sheer precision, providing for us varying elemental energies over days, months, seasons and years. And this is why it is SO enlivening to understand the movement of the Moon, our most accessible energetic satellite, for by tuning into what energy she is moving through and how long it will last, we can choose to RESPOND to life versus reacting to it (as we always say)!

It is our prayer that the MoonLIT APP has been a guide to you in this… allowing you to tap INTO the energy of the Moon, by knowing both her phase and sign every day, helping YOU to choose inspired response versus reckless reaction as you walk and plan your path of growth! 

And so, with great wisdom, the Sun meets Mother Moon in her Third Quarter phase tomorrow, August 23rd, in the steady, nurturing and persistent element of Earth in Taurus. Earth energy is most often placed in the alter of the root chakra, known as muladhara in Sanskrit. Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is connected to our sense of safety, security and resources. When in balance, we feel safe in our bodies, secure in who we are with enough resources to climb our inner mountain. When off kilter, we tend to pull at resources outside of ourselves to fill us up, we can be greedy or entirely stubborn towards change. These lessons are all inherent in Earth and the signs connected to Earth in our ever wise zodiac system (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). Therefore, energetically, now is the time to tap into the lessons of Earth, spending time digesting, nurturing and connecting to the root of ourselves. More specifically, this Taurus Moon invites us to SLOW DOWN, to release impatience and understand (to our root) that the path ahead will provide, as we are deserving of grace, peace and love. 

So, after taking your morning moment to ‘tap in’ on tomorrow’s Third Quarter Moon, noticing what EARTH feels like in your body, here are some activities to consider to deepen the energy of Earth: 

1.USE YOUR SENSE OF SMELL: Smell is THE most primal of all of our senses, as the mind literally has zero say in what a scent brings into your being. Therefore, take time over this Third Quarter Moon to use your sense of smell wisely, conjuring up during meditation or in actuality a scent that brings you utter comfort and satisfaction. For me, there is little that comforts me more than the scent of wet soil. So, during Earth days, I always make time to go hiking, deep into the forest, where the earth holds wetness…and I can smell it. I can savor it, bringing that smell of stability into my being. Ah, so good! So, yes, smell your way into the energy of Earth. 

2.WALK BAREFOOT: I know this is one we hear a lot when it comes to the Earth element, but truly, it is because it works. It is felt. Walking barefoot captures Earth into the body, connecting to her pulse. So, go on and take time to get your bare feet onto raw Earth (“Earthing”), even if it is just for 5 minutes. It will feel DIVINE.

3.BE OF SERVICE: The Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the workers of our Zodiac system. So, somewhere in your day, offer a helping hand to someone in need, be it a random act of kindness or offering your support in a project at work.

4.HONOR YOUR BODY THROUGH REST: Out of all of the signs, it is Taurus who (by far) most   intricately understands our body’s need for rest and support. So, over this day, make it a point to tap into that earthy energy, taking a nap, a space of silence outside or a restorative yoga class. Mother Moon is literally handing you her prescription! 

And as always, STAY LIT, 

Allison Janssen