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Tapping In: The Air Element

Have you ever heard the old aphorism, “the winds of change are upon us?”

Well, in my view, the wind, the change being referred to is spurred, linked and stimulated by the most amicable of all four elements, AIR herself.

AIR, while holding a “light” notation, is incredibly powerful and stable in her purest form; capable of ushering us forward into new cycles, understandings and seasons in our lives. Why? Well, it can be said that the AIR element is the only element that is necessary in the alchemy of each of the other three. Air is absolutely essential for the creation of fire, integral for the transportation of water and vital as the breath of Earth (see one of my all time video collections linked below). Too, think about the transformational relationship air has with each of these three elements, carrying and spreading ashes, water molecules and plant life, so that each may begin again. It’s insanely beautiful. 

As you maybe feel in reading this, the element of air really stirs my intellect and my love/need to communicate; of which is another quality of air, and what we see clearly formed in each of the energies of our zodiac’s air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). Gemini desires to communicate out of curiosity, Libra out of need to weigh choices and balance, and Aquarius out of desire to universalize. 

But to point, the element of AIR is the shift button of our planet because it is the BREATH (our prana, our chi) the wind of intelligence, the medium that pumps blood to our hearts and through the “heart” of our Earth. It MOVES through us, all around us and connects us to ourselves- AND each other. 

Therefore, when the Moon is influenced by the energy an air sign, shifts, both big and small, are what we need to stay open to, to respond to. And this is why we created the MoonLIT app, so that you may be able to understand the energy available to you and respond to it, versus allowing your inner airwaves to go haywire. 

So, as the Moon moves into her Third Quarter phase through the Air sign of Gemini tomorrow (September 21, 2019), as the Sun persists in the Earth element of Virgo, we will be offered opportunities to remain grounded as we shift ourselves into new understandings, cycles even higher states of consciousness through the modes of thought and communication- and yes, BREATH. 

I know…you don’t need to remind yourself to breathe… but as you take your morning moment to ‘tap in’, taking note of what AIR feels like in your body, conclude your moment by setting an intention for yourself. An intention to make this day, this Third Quarter Moon, a day to return your awareness to the simple purity and luxury of your breath, again and again. Imagining your breath, linked in long lines of connection to the breaths our Earth takes. As we know, breath is the one thing that can penetrate every level of our being… from our physical bodies, all the way to our blissful bodies. And taking time to hold our awareness on our breath will most positively influence our thoughts and communication to other of our thoughts. It will help us to listen more intently, communicate clearly and respond for gracefully. Your intention could be: I RETURN TO MY BREATH. Or, anything your beautiful heart comes up with! This specific awareness of your vitality is THE greatest way to ‘tap in’ to air! But, if you are feeling spunky, here are a few more activities to consider to tap in and respond to the energy of AIR: 

1. DO YOUR YOGA: Yoga, while incredible for us in billions of ways, is most transformational for us in the fact that it is the only practice that places its entire attention on the breath. (OK so I am mentioning breath here again…but that is because breath is air energy on tap) This is why at the beginning of most every class I teach, I say, “If all you want to do is lie down in Savasana now, and place your awareness on your breath… well then that is a beautiful choice.” So, yes, do YOUR Yoga. 

2. CONVERSE: Air energy is all about connection through communication. So, choose to be intensely mindful about each conversation you are part of. Be inquisitive, and listen to the other energetic body. LEARN and grow through each word you listen to, and each word you offer. 

3.  MAKE SPACE: Trying to trap air is humorously challenging (imagine your hands grasping at air). When trapped in the body for long periods of time, air pockets, cause disease and illness. And these facts are essential to the energy of air. Air needs freedom of movement, freedom of expression. So, another way to stay aligned with the energy of the Third Quarter Moon in Gemini is to make space in the temple of your body, and the temple of your home that holds your body. So, think about deep breathing, clean eating, a colon flush…to declutter your body! For your home, a good scrub and a run to the goodwill with items you no longer need will do the trick!

4. GO SOMEWHERE HIGH TO FEEL THE WIND: Think mountain top, sea shore, top of the tallest building in your city; wherever you can get to to be close, under the sky, feeling the wind  blow around your body. And go on, twirl while you are at it. 

5. LIGHT SOME INCENSE: After that good scrub of your home, decluttering it so that air can move freely… take a moment to light incense and move it around your home. Watch the way the smoke brings shape to the air, and say a prayer to always feel as FREE as air. 

And as always, STAY LIT, 

Allison Janssen