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Tapping IN: a 1 minute morning ritual for alignment

Every morning, for the past few years, I have been practicing a small ritual to begin my day. Rituals, as you know, are something us Moonlit Mamas live by and savor, for we know the power of crafting them and staying true to them in our ever busy lives (be it with the moon, tea, fire, yoga, gardening, baths and every personal creation of ritual).

In practice, it’s nothing complex. In fact, what I ritualize is something you definitely already do (at least the physical part). And simple as it may be, it has helped me to identify, within the first minutes of each day, the energy the Universe is offering up FOR me. It also has helped me hold a greater understanding within my being of how simple our presence on Earth truly is; to clearly feel how elemental we all are, how vital and connected everything truly is.

And so, because it has been valuable for me, I think it’s worth sharing. So, here is how it goes….

As I wake up (whether naturally or from a coo/cry from my daughter, Edyn), I blink a few times, followed by a big deep inhale and exhale. I roll over to the side of the bed, and here is the ritual…

I consciously place my feet on the floor, stand up and feel. 

That’s it. Mindfully, I place my feet onto the floor, stand up whole and feel into the ground I am supported by. As I tune in, I take a moment to work my way through the sensations I am experiencing. I question: What element/s do I feel most present in me, right now? Is there a feeling of stability here, a sense of strong EARTH? A FIERY sensation to get going? A feeling of circulation, of WATER’s ebb and flow? Do I feel a strong AIRY desire to communicate? And whatever answers I come up with, whatever I feel most strongly present, I imagine as if it is being gifted to me on a gold plated selenite platter. I take my hands forward, palms up, accepting this amazing gift. As I bring the gift of alignment towards my heart, I vow to use this gift of either Earth, Fire, Water or Air towards my purpose and the happiness for all. 

And while every day is full of significant and subtle differences (because our one constant in this sacred life is change), this ritual has awakened me to a sort of reoccurring understanding within. Over time, I began to notice a sync between how I FELT and the elements the SUN and MOON were moving through. This sync, this alignment, has felt SO incredibly powerful. It has gifted me not only a knowing of connection, but also a sort of momentum… for each element of nature offers us a unique energy that we can USE to transform. 

So, as the Sun slowly steps through Taurus season, begging us to SLOW DOWN and FEEL…I invite you to join me in this morning ritual. To do what you already do anyways, but, to do it consciously. To, in your first waking moments, take just one minute to connect. To feel into your vibration, the musical note of the elements and the rhythm of all that is! As you enjoy this ritual over the coming weeks, you will move through each of the elements many times over, getting to know how each one feels in YOUR physical and emotional body. 

And what I ask, for now, is NOT to try and name the element/s you feel each morning… but just name the sensation. Then, somewhere in your day, open your Moonlit App. On the home screen, you will see not only the phase of the Moon, but the sign she lies in as well. And having maybe memorized or copy/pasted the below reference into the notes on your phone- check and see what element the Moon lies in. Note for yourself the relationship between what you felt, the Earth of Taurus and the element that La Luna lies in. 

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

And next time I pop in here to write, we will begin unpacking the energy offered by each of the elements and what it means to TAP IN to Earth, Fire, Water and Air energy in your being and throughout your day. 

Till then, Stay LIT! 

Allison Janssen