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Sagittarius New Moon Ritual

Hi Tribe! So, as you all know, the world of technology moves at an increasingly fast rate, which means the Moonlit App is not yet set to run on Apple’s newest iPhones! Therefore, for the time being, until our latest updates our pushed for the app, voila… New Moon in Sagittarius Ritual below! Stay LIT, Alee and Allison

Mantra:  Forever a student of life, a seeker of truth; I am here to inhale the wisdom of the Universe with eager curiosity.


Set the Scene: Sagittarius is the last of our 3 fire signs and as one of our astrologers, Eugenia Krok, put it: Aries is the spark, Leo is the flame, and Sagittarius is the smoke. No statement has ever felt more true. Sagittarius comes at the end of our calendar year and is that cool, yet mighty smoke rising up toward the heavens above, reminding us of the power of higher understanding, philosophizing, and studious curiosity beyond this earthly world. It is here to encourage us to ask the big questions, to dive into deep thought, and meaningful conversation. So, consider surrounding yourself with religious texts that speak to you or enhance your curiosity. You could decide to read a chapter or excerpt or merely have them in your presence, knowing what they represent for you. Today is not the day to dive into old habits: so, if you have a sacred text in hand, consider reading a new passage or maybe you visit your local library or bookstore and pick up a spiritual text you would never normally read. The truth? We are all a lot more alike than we are different. Sagittarius is here to remind us that there isn’t ONE way, ONE thing to believe in, ONE thing to devote our lives to, but many. Religion and spirituality are at the forefront of all things Sag, along with adventure and exploration- so consider this day/season as an adventure for your mind, heart, and spirit. Learning new belief systems is one of the most profound ways to connect us as a harmonious ecosystem/symbiotic tribe, devoted to LOVE and TRUTH. To embrace the smokey intelligence of Sagittarius, consider burning your favorite incense- we’re suggesting Nag Champa for it’s energy of expanded consciousness. Light a candle (or a few) to welcome the fire element. And for crystals, consider Amethyst (spirituality) and/or Jade (optimism & luck). Now, grab a pen and your journal and let’s dive in!

Manifest: It is no coincidence that the Sag New Moon comes around the time that the holiday season begins. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of optimism, expansion, and good luck. This is perfect timing after an emotion-filled scorpio season, not to mention Mercury Retrograde… Whew! Personally, I’m ready for some sparkles, joy, and hope during the season of light. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is truly asking us to light an internal flame and shine our soul’s deepest truth. This new moon is a bold one, encouraging us to take risks and explore this expansive world both internally & externally. So often we get hung up on the mundane tasks during this time of year because it seems as though our to-do lists triple during the holidays… However, when we devote ourselves to the LIGHT of this season, stepping off the hamster wheel of life and into the adventure of it, we will be guided down the path of our heart’s deepest desires. This New Moon and season, in general, is reminding us to listen, engage, and wake up. We are forever students of this life: here to learn ALWAYS. And we cannot learn new things about ourselves or the world at large if we remain stuck in our old ways, stale patterns, or stagnant beliefs. This New Moon is asking us: Is the compass of your life currently pointing you in the right direction? If not, CHANGE IT. Represented by the Archer and the Philosopher, Sagittarius reminds us to aim toward our absolute truth at all times and the only way to do so is to transition out of a know-it-all mentality and into an awakened state of eager curiosity: ready to inhale the wisdom the universe is offering every step of the way. With this in mind, grab your pen and journal and write/fill in the blanks with nothing but the TRUTH: Thank you for this adventurous life. I’m ready to take it up a level by ____________________. Thank you for expanding my consciousness. I’m ready to open my mind to ______________. Thank you for my wisdom. I am ready to explore _________________. May it be of service to the greater good of all.

Practice: Since Sagittarius is all about world travel, expanded consciousness, study, and exploration, consider this your opportunity to really get to know yourself on a deeper level. That is what it means to truly shine your light: to be aware of and devoted to your truth, knowing that it is your deepest truth that is currently needed in this world, not some false version of yourself… One of the best ways to do so is to step out of your comfort zone and learn something new. This could be via new books, like I mentioned before, specifically religious, spiritual, or philosophical texts, signing up for a continuing-ed class to learn a new skill or to expand your knowledge in a field you’ve always been interested in, but never really studied, or perhaps you take yourself on an adventure… of mind, body, or spirit. “Let your heart be your compass, your mind your map, your soul your guide, and you will never get lost.” -Angie Karan

Journal Prompt: Now is the time to trust and have faith in the adventure of this life. How? Through devotion: Write a prayer for your continued growth, inner wisdom, and expansion- all guiding you home to your truth. Vow to say it aloud every day for this next lunation.