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Pleasure > Busyness

What if we stopped glorifying being busy and instead celebrated, as victories, our moments of passion and play?!?

Honestly, what a world we would live in where people were genuinely finding pleasure in their everyday lives. Instead, we live in a world where now when asked “how are things?” We instinctively respond with “busy!” 

I’m guilty of responding in this way too, but what the literal F?!? You mean to tell me we’ve been gifted this miraculous existence at this pivotal point in time and we’re filling our days with busyness? I just cannot. I find myself in those days every now and then when it feels like my children are running my life or my business is taking up all of my energy and I’m truly grateful for those moments because I realize instantly that something is out of balance and a shift is needed for my sanity.

Trying to figure it all out and get everything in is hard for everyone… but, time and time again, we must return to the grand scheme of life. And that’s what I love about the Taurus season and this Leo moon. Taurus is begging us to recognize the luxuries of this life by truly enjoying it and finding pleasure every single day. I think as moms specifically, we often feel guilty when we indulge in ourselves. As bosses, we feel guilty when we take time for pleasure when we “should be working.” Who says THIS is normal?!?

My honest opinion? Glorifying busyness is like a bitchslap to God, the Universe, and Mother Earth… Why on earth would we think that we are undeserving of pleasure, playtime, and genuine fun? We go out of our way to ensure our children are constantly entertained, amused, and happy. What about us? You know what we’re actually doing to our children when we’re living in a nonstop world of busyness, filling their schedules with nonstop activity? We’re leading by example that the norm is to over plan, freak out, and stress out. And y’all, enough is enough! We need our next generation to be LEADERS, confident and courageous to express from the heart (we’ve seen what the toxicity of insecurity will do to a nation). We need them to work TOGETHER in community, as a village, as a tribe of harmony (we’ve probably experienced how intense it is to try to do everything ourselves). We need our future leaders and business owners to practice creativity on the regular- this cannot be an occasional occurrence, but rather an everyday necessity. Without the values of love, compassion, creativity, courage, and confidence at the forefront of importance in their lives, we are doomed as a society. 

Our evolution as a species is begging us to open our minds and hearts like a regal lion, a sturdy bull- confidently living in a state of loyalty, truth, and passion. The Leo Moon and Taurus Sun are bringing out the need for heightened creativity, compassion, and playfulness. I dream of a world where we value playtime, outdoor exploration, and creativity as much as we do logic, numbers, busyness, and work. 

Spring is in the air, exuding this magical sense of exploration and freedom- let us USE this energy to our advantage and start living by example for the future of our world. If you’re in a role where you either have children or are around them, give them space to BE. They do not need a full schedule or constant, guided playtime. They need freedom to explore and figure things out so that they grow up to do the same thing in the world for us! The amount of reduced stress we (as parents, teachers, or caregivers) will feel when we just sit back and allow them to experience the liberation of self-discovery will be mind-blowing. Honestly, as parents, LESS IS MORE! May we ALL have the courage- no matter who we are or what we do- to live a life of passion, playfulness, and enjoyment… otherwise, what’s the point? Serisouly! 

Resist the urge to schedule the fun- just do it. Have a few free minutes? Practice your handstands or cartwheels, study the petals on a flower, sing your heart out. Every podcast, book, yoga class, or fitness regime we experience doesn’t have to be serious, studious, or hold meaning- listen to your favorite music or a comedy podcast, read a book for pleasure, play on your mat, run, jump, or swim outside- all just for the hell of it. We do this for ourselves and give our children space to experience the magic of their own lives without so much guidance from us and voila! Less busyness, less stress… More love, more compassion. THAT’s why we’re all here. Glory, hallelujah!!!

So, next time someone asks you “How are things?” Pause before you respond. If you are really so busy that the busyness is how you describe your LIFE, then we must check in with our priorities. Similarly, if we’re so busy that we can’t take time for ourselves for pure enjoyment- just for the hell of it, merely because we are ALIVE, we’re letting other people (including our children) control our lives and to be honest, they really don’t want to. 

Not as much is expected of us as we think… there is time in your day- you just have to make it and/or realize what you’re prioritizing. This Taurus Sun and Leo Moon combination is encouraging us to have the courage and strength to value ourselves and our unique truths in order to live from a place of passionate love! 

You are NOT alone. The reality is people WANT to help you. It is our biological makeup. It literally gives every human pleasure to help each other out. So, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask for help. When you notice a friend feeling too stressed, offer to help. Let us together, GROW as a community, valuing REAL connectivity in & with this life. Consider this: when you’re on your death bed, taking your last breaths, how do you want to see your life when you look back? A life of busyness or a life of fun? The choice is yours!

For ultimate fun, passion, joy, and pleasure, we hope you’ll join us for some much deserved time off in Nosara, Costa Rica for a weeklong Lunar-Focused Yoga Retreat November 9-16. Led by my moon sister, Allison and myself, we will indulge in the luxuries of this magical world, nurture our minds, bodies, and spirits with delicious whole foods, surf lessons, horseback riding, guided yoga and meditation practices, lots of astro-insights, and of course a Taurus Full Moon Ceremony. For more info and/or to register, CLICK HERE. 

Sending you blessings for Liberation, Illumination, and Transformation!

Stay L.I.T.,

Alee Link