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Two Moon Sisters

tuning in.

Join us and listen into the same rhythm, swaying to the same sweet song of the Universe.

Alee Morrison Link

Alee is 100% that person that always says, “Look at the moon! Look at the MOON! Aaaaa-ooooo. Look at that moon!” Born a moon child, under the watery sign of Cancer, she has always felt a certain pull toward the moon and has found great value in honoring its mighty phases due to the connectivity and illumination the moon delivers.

Now, a 500hr E-RYT, Alee walked in to her first yoga class at age 12 and was immediately hooked to this dance of what it means to connect with, honor, and transform the mind, body, and spirit. Having grown up in a dance studio, the art of movement was extremely divine for her entire being; so, after attending college in New York City, she knew this sensation of connection must be shared.

She has been teaching now for a decade and opened her own yoga studio in Georgia with her husband, Ben, in 2013. Moon-Focused-Astrology has always been a passion of hers and has found its way into her classes and into her life. The power of surrendering into the flow of the cosmic energy brought her into a state of liberation she didn’t know was possible by welcoming the illumination of connecting with something bigger than she could really understand, which completely transformed her from the inside out.

Alee feels as though she was put on this Earth to share what it means to connect: to ourselves, each other, this planet, the stars, and all that is- thus via a moon ritual, mantra, connection, and meditation, an app was born! When she is not teaching yoga, running her studio, and howling at the moon, you can find her outside on her yard farm with her husband and kids- Willow (4) and Kai (2), sipping jasmine green tea, and writing.

Allison Janssen

Born with an untamable passion for exploration, Allison has lived her life with a spirited sense of curiosity. She has a wild edge and a deep appreciation for the interconnected behavior of our Universe. With her sun in Scorpio, Allison has always felt called to investigate her own spiritual being and the rhythms that connect each of us to ALL THAT IS. Her inquiry into our reality of connection has spurred her life story. It has taken her literally around the world and deep within her internal world. She feels in utter awe of the auspicious nature that is life, cradled by our Earth and guided the vast skies above.

Though Allison can be found obsessing over every aspect of Nature, she has always been most magnetized by the beauty and pull of the Moon. For her, the Moon is a consistent source of inspiration. She bows to it’s constant reminder to understand ourselves a whole, as connected and complete, even as we dance through the different phases of our lives.

As a yoga teacher and retreat venue owner of The Butterfly Landing, Allison is deeply passionate about sharing her understanding of connection through astrology, yoga, meditation, mantra, community and laughter. She believes that in understanding our connection to all that is, and tapping into it, we can liberate ourselves from the obstacles we self create, illuminate our paths and transform our lives for the good of all!

Allison always says, “there is a song being sung. We are all influenced by it. So, why not actually listen? Sing in tune, dance in rhythm, and create your most beautiful life?”

Since returning to the United States in 2014, Allison and her husband, Rob, have seemingly moved across the country (one of the exciting benefits of Army life). With her Moon in Sagittarius, she has never felt the desire to plant down physical roots, but she does call the Colorado Front Range her spiritual home. Currently, you can find Allison either teaching yoga, hiking, writing, gardening, or traveling around the world with her husband and daughter, Edyn (1). 

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