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Make shiFt Happen

At this point in the New Year, we have most likely taken the time to set intentions and goals for the coming year. While goals are important and honestly giving us all the life right now, manifestation is nearly impossible without bravery, fierce determination, and action. We are now experiencing the major shift that a New Year and new lunar cycle bring. The kids are back in school, we’re settling back in to our rhythms and routines and now it is vital that we do a major check-in on the type of shift we are going through, we’d like experience, or we know we NEED to experience.

For over 2 years, I’ve had this note written on my fridge that says:

  1. Make a list of the things that make you happy.
  2. Make a list of things you do every day.
  3. Compare the list.
  4. Adjust accordingly.

Every single day, multiple times a day I am reminded of this. I put this in a visible spot about 2 years ago because I was desperately trying to HEAL from deeply embedded control issues that were showing up as overwhelming stress and anxiety. The constant need to control everything in my life (including other people) was literally making me sick. For an entire year, I actually had the “stomach bug” or “food poisoning” once a month. It was brutal. I put those ailments in quotation marks because I don’t believe any illness is ever coincidental or solely physical… My body was telling me, SCREAMING at me to WAKE UP and LET GO; and if I wasn’t going to let go on my own, my body would do the work for me as a means of begging me to TUNE IN. Finally, one evening, I had the grand finale of my wake up call. I broke down completely and cried my eyes out for hours. I told my husband I was getting signs and messages that I was going to die, and for once in my life, I wasn’t being dramatic. I mean, everywhere I looked, everything I read and listened to was all about death. And I truly felt like this was the end…

At the time, I had a 2 year old and a 5 month old. I was over worked, hormonal, sleep deprived, nursing, and still trying to control everything. You would think with my first baby I would’ve realized that to think you’re in total control of the world around you or should be is to live in utter darkness. The night that I exploded, I told my husband I didn’t think I could handle any more; too many people were dependent on me. As a yoga teacher, I felt like my students needed me in ways I didn’t feel prepared to handle, my children were obviously constantly needing me for survival, my husband had needs I simply couldn’t deliver at the time, and having healthy relationships with family and friends seemed impossible because I had spread myself entirely too thin. Why? Because I assumed I needed to keep control in order to grow. Ha! Was I full of shit…

THIS was my death, actually. A part of myself died on that night that I needed to let go of in order to blossom and grow. It was that extreme meltdown that I realized my control issues were getting in the way of a powerful and vibrant life. My ego had to dissolve whether I was ready or not. I don’t believe in a total death of ego because a healthy amount is necessary in order to survive in this world, but I do think a HUGE shift in perspective and percentage is essential in order for the heart to open the way it was designed to live. I then dove deeply into The Artist’s Way (which if you haven’t read/experienced yet, it’s a MUST), where I discovered the root of my control issues and ways to continue to release in order to explore the vast possibilities alive when I lived from a space of openness and expansion rather than the static, one-way-thinking mind over heart, sticking with the way I thought things were supposed to be. First of all, let me tell you this- if we are still in the mindset that the “Old Way” is the only way that works, well, honey child- have I got some serious news for you! We MUST wake the F up and realize how mighty and exuberant the FLOW of this life is when we surrender into the excitement of fluidity and evolution.

But, I had to do more than just say, “I release control.” I had to take action… otherwise, this egotistical fear would continue to live in my cells. Thanks to The Artist’s Way and my astrologer Ambi Kavenaugh, I had a fire lit under my bum to shut up and do the damn thing. I hired more help at my yoga studio, I got more help at home with my children and house, I stopped feeling guilty or incompetent when I asked for help, and most importantly, I gave other people necessary space to do their own damn thing and THRIVE, which as a result gave me ample space to do my own damn thing, getting closer and closer toward that list on my fridge, which are essentially just steps toward our dharma (highest purpose).

We don’t have to be everything to everyone!!! One of the lessons I teach constantly in my yoga classes is understanding your own, unique and extremely specific superpowers. Each of us was born with an individual purpose and each purpose is desperately needed in this profound world. When we take the time to focus on strengthening our strengths instead of forcing ourselves against our natural flow by strengthening our weaknesses, this planet becomes a lot more fluid, sacred, and harmonious for all beings everywhere. It is the most beautiful ripple effect we could ever imagine. But, the point is, we must take action to set ourselves free. And the action starts with surrendering into this mighty flow we’ve been gifted.

I invite you here and now to respond to the energy of the Quarter Moon in fiery Aries, who reminds us of the value of confidence, courage, and individuality. Light your internal flame- you will not believe the magic that will follow. Take this post as a sign that the time is NOW to take action! Put yourself out there- stop waiting on other people to call, for the answers, or to heal you. The only way to move forward, heal, and grow is to start DOING. Halle-damn-lujah! I, you, we have complete permission to surrender into the flow that we’ve been gifted. The flame is lit and I take action!

Moon Sisters and Brothers, may you have the courage to shine and take necessary action to do so. This is the perfect preparation for an extremely powerful Full Moon coming up on January 21. La Luna will be in the sign of yet another Fire Sign (Leo), asking us to dive into the depths of our fiery passions. In order to get the most out of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse and Super Blood Wolf Moon, start taking action now, then we will guide you into an extremely powerful Full Moon Ritual on the MoonLIT app, where you’ll also receive astro info, a guided mediation, and journal prompt all specific to THIS unique Full Moon. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one. Download the app now and use the handy calendar feature to schedule a reminder so you don’t miss this gorgeous window of vast opportunity to pause, look up, and tune in! Sending blessings for Liberation, Illumination, and Transformation- Stay L.I.T!

-Alee Link