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The Power of Ceremony

Could you imagine a world where we really understood that every moment was to be honored in ceremony? A world where we took time to notice the details of the light casting its golden glow on the tops of the trees, turning green leaves into wild illumination as the sun makes its decent, as day transforms into night… As we notice these precious and inspiring details, we realize our place within this vast Universe. In an instant, our entire lives are put into perspective.

This is a lesson I have learned from my daughter Willow, who is now 5 years old. She asks for a wine glass for her water every night because “Mama, every night is a special night.” How on earth could I argue with THAT? A trip to target to buy diapers for her little brother? The most exciting adventure of her life thus far. I often wonder, as I watch her marvel this world, how is it that the most mundane tasks are considered magic in her eyes? I have come to understand this is because she sees each moment in her life as an opportunity for ceremony… a true celebration. Why? Because it is.

Since the dawn of time, humans have used ceremonies to celebrate the cycles of this life via birthday parties, funerals, weddings, graduations, initiations, harvests, transitions, retirement, holidays, sisterhood, brotherhood, and of course the mighty phases of the moon. A ceremony is merely ritual of any type designed to honor the mere fact that we are gifted this sacred opportunity to gather together on this precious Earth in the name of love, respect, and gratitude.

When we take our time to look around, taste our food, feel our feet on the ground, and gaze at up at the moon herself, we are immediately transported into a sacred state of ceremony. Even our errands, kids’ soccer games, and time spent in traffic can be opportunity for ceremony when we really grasp what it means to live in gratitude and to work WITH the cycles we’ve been gifted instead of FORCING ourselves against them.

You see, we are all (each of us) divinely guided- all day, every day. Every challenge, trying relationship, and intense situation are all here to serve us. We are placed in uncomfortable circumstances in order to learn, grow, and transform. Without the darkness, we will never reach the light. It is our belief that when we start giving ourselves space and permission to welcome the sacred act of ceremony into our daily lives, we will begin to live in ultimate liberation. And truly, what more could one ask for? Freedom?!? Ummm, YASSS PLEASE!

The beautiful thing about ceremonies are that they can be enjoyed by yourself or with a group of family or friends. These rituals/blessings/prayers are merely moments of connectivity. I firmly believe that connection is our number one job here on this Earth and we use ceremony to CONNECT: with ourselves, each other, this powerful planet, and all that is. Our prayer for us all with MOONLIT is that we will take some time to honor what it means to gather or simply BE in ceremony. With practice, we will begin to experience our lives like never before!

Stay tuned for fun ideas and enlightening ways to incorporate more ceremony into your life, especially around the illumination of the moon!

For now, Stay L.I.T.!

Alee Link