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How to use the Moon’s guidance for a gorgeous closure to 2018!

If you are reading this, chances are you very aware of the Moon’s influence on you; the “biological tide” she creates for us to dance and sing to. You maybe even already have downloaded our app, Moonlit, to help you tune in, create beautiful rituals around La Luna’s cycles and mindfully respond to life’s ebb and flow. Either way, it’s most likely no new news to you that we can use the phases of sweet Mother Moon to experience more joy, more presence, as we celebrate the many festivities December offers and bring a beautiful close to 2018.

Regardless of your religious beliefs or what practices you follow, the basic premise of most every winter holiday observed in December is that of celebration and joy in kinship and community. But often, these celebrations cause us more stress than they do joy, simply because we allow ourselves to be bogged down by self-created pressure, rather than staying present with the spirit of the season. Yes, we know that staying present during this busy time of year is much easier said than done. But, this is where the Moon’s sapience and effortless guidance comes in handy, for it’s by using her wisdom that we can close out this calendar year feeling bathed in joy and holly, rather than stress and folly. 

In other words, let’s spend this holiday season being more like the Moon. 

Here’s how:

  1. MAKE TIME FOR SILENCE: Silence is SO valuable. SO SO SO valuable. Therefore, as you spend the time selecting and preparing gifts for others this holiday season, gift yourself with a few minutes of silence each day! Need inspiration? Just look up to the Moon. Notice her silence, her stillness, and follow her lead. And no, you don’t need to create the perfect space to have silence, just take it; be it in the car, in the bathroom, in the shower… take deep breaths, in and out. Listen to the joy in “silence”. And when you are in the company of your loved ones over the holidays, also allow space for it. Remember, we don’t need to fill every moment of our lives with doing or conversation. Instead, notice how lovely spaces of sweet silence can be in a room full of abundance.
  1. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS: Real life, the Moon is fickle in her emotions, changing signs roughly every 2.5 days. But, this is her POWER. She never gets swallowed whole by the changing of her inner tides, instead, she surfs them and reminds us to do the same. Throughout the month of December and into the New Year, may we follow our deep inner guidance, our state of knowing, and choose to respond to the fullness of life instead of react. May we choose a softening, instead of force. May we be present along each wave of this beautiful life we lead. 
  1. HAVE CONFIDENCE IN WHO YOU ARE, YOUR TRUE BEAUTY: Think of the hours, the cash, the stress you could save yourself by ditching your “NEED” to look a certain way, and instead, own your innate beauty this holiday season! Yes, I mean it, you don’t need to shed a few pounds before the holiday party nor do you need a new outfit for every gathering. What you NEED to do is to shine your gorgeous light! Know that like the Moon, it’s your “imperfections” that make you extraordinarily stunning. 
  1. EMBRACE THE PHASES, THE HIGHS AND LOWS- A little along the same lines of following our intuition, the Moon teaches us to embrace everything we experience, the highs and the lows. So, Moon sisters and brothers, let’s choose to throw expectations of what our holiday season SHOULD look like, and instead allow for WHAT IS to bring us joy. 
  1. SHINE ON- No matter what phase the Moon is in, remember, she is still shining! And so, as the days flow into nights and we close off 2018, may you remember that you are multifaceted and absolutely remarkable. Where there is darkness, there too is light. So, no matter where life finds you over this holiday season, choose joy, choose to SHINE. 
  1. SEE THE LOVE IN ALL- One of the most beautiful characteristics of the Moon is that she is friendly to all her neighbors, every planet and every single spec of star dust. Therefore, let us carry this same LOVE and KINDNESS this holiday season, shall we? This means that even if your Aunt June gets totally off her rocker, talking about Donald Trump, or if your cousin’s new boyfriend gives you the creeps over a bowl full of egg nog- treat each person you encounter with loving kindness, knowing they too go through phases. In this way, you are choosing to roll into 2019 with all the good karma. 
  1. LET WATER CLEANSE YOU- I literally LOVE this one. LOVE, LOVE- for when all else fails, use the healing elements of water to cleanse your being. This means that at the end of one of those long holiday days, where maybe you were rubbed the wrong way and can’t seem to shake it, go sit near water, run water over your face or take a hot shower. The flow of water in all her forms helps you to clear away any negative vibes you may have picked up during the day. THANK YOU WATER. 
  1. SURRENDER TO THE FLOW- In truth, out of all the advice our Sweet Mother Moon gives us, it all really boils down to this- to surrender to the flow of life. And what does this mean to us? Well, y’all, it means we need to TRUST. We must trust that everything we experience in life is divinely guided with our best interest in mind. With this trust, we are present to the fullness of our lives, as they are meant to be. And so it goes. 

Sending you all blessings of love and pure magic over this holiday season!

Stay LIT, 

Allison Janssen