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How to Smudge: an approachable ‘how to’ towards an ancient ritual.

“Smudge your space. Sage yourself. Clear out all lower vibrations. Cleanse your sanctuary.”

Am I ringing any bells? If you are reading this, I am guessing so. And, I am also guessing that you are looking for that full proof, straightforward, approachable kind of “how to” moment (similar to our app, Moonlit) on how to cleanse yourself and your home through the ancient ritual of smudging. So without further a due, let’s hop to it!

1. Gather Materials: Dried white sage, abalone shell, a candle and a match or lighter. 

The Why: Smudging sage is an earth-based practice that connects us to the elements both around us and within us. The sage connects us to earth, Abalone shell to water, fire to fire, the smoke of the burning sage to air and the union of it all to spirit or space. 

2. Open as many doors and windows in your home, as you can. 

The Why: Once we begin the ritual of smudging, we want the old, stagnant, negative energy to have a place to go to, outside of the temple of our home and body. 

3. Light the candle and say a prayer. 

The Why: We light the candle, so we can light the sage. Sorry, that bit is self-explanatory. But, our prayer from the lit candle moves into the sage once we light it, which is the extra oomph in cleansing ourselves and our homes. 

4. Light the sage, with the abalone vessel underneath and go to your front door. 

The Why: Well, safety is one. We don’t want to burn down our homes, i.e. the abalone shell under the burning sage. Secondly, we start at the front door because it is symbolic to our awareness and what we desire to live within us and around us. 

5. Cleanse thyself first. Pass the shell over your body through your entire aura, wafting with your hand or feather if you have one. Make sure to lift up each foot and pass the sage underneath. Your aura will thank you. 

The Why: If we want to be of true service, we must always take care of ourselves before extending out our hands, sort of speak. So, by cleansing ourself first, we act as a beam of light as we move around our home. And since our aura extends past our physical bodies, we make sure every inch is cleansed, including under our feet and over our heads.

6. Clear your space. In a counter clockwise fashion (again, starting at your front door), circle the inner perimeter of your home, wafting the smoke. Pay special attention to the corners of your home, closets and basements.

The Why? Moving anything clockwise brings energy IN, so as we smudge, we move counter clockwise to move unwanted energy OUT. Moreover, we pay special attention to corners, basements and closets because heavy energy often gets really stuck in these kinds of spaces- so waft a little extra if you can. 

7. Add you personal touch. (I tend to always go back to my front door and mindfully push out the rest of the smoke. I then crush the sage, putting it safely out and say, out loud, “Out, out, out you go.” And the last thing I do is light a new candle in my home, to put positive energy back into the space.)

The Why: Rituals are a personal thing. So, by adding in whatever feels authentic to you, you are literally amplifying your work! So go for it! 

Let the cleansing begin. Stay L.I.T.

Deep peace and love, 

Allison Janssen / @allisonajanssen