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How to prep for Virgo Full Moon

Get Clear & Organized: Virgo is the sign of cleanliness and order. This full moon arises to remind us to get clear. Everything in our lives is energy and that energy is either leading us closer toward our dharma (highest purpose) or pulling us further away from it. So, take the time to clean out your car, your closet, and/or a junk drawer. You know that space- every time you open that drawer you’re annoyed at the disarray, and yet, you still grab what you need after rummaging through the drawer for longer than you should’ve, close it, and pretend it never happened… But that energy sticks with you. Pick one project and get to tidying up! We love Marie Kondo, but the moon has been encouraging “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying- Up” since the dawn of time. Fun Fact: Marie Kondo was born right before a Full Moon which is what gives her that drive and passion to get sh*t done! (Her sun sign is Libra- the sign of harmony and balance, obviously!)

Take Action: Remember the seeds we planted on the New Moon? What are we doing about those intentions now? It’s one thing to write them down, but manifestation requires action. Gone are the days where we put it out into the ethers and then sit back and wait for someone else to call. This is the Age of Aquarius (more on this subject coming soon!), let us step outside our comfort zones and start a revolution (however big or small that is for you, please know it is vital to this world- YOU are essential to the overall wellbeing of humanity)!

Make an Alter: There is nothing like an alter to set the mood for your upcoming Full Moon Ritual. An alter sets the tone and brings forth the proper energy for any given ritual. For this Virgo moon, consider the Earth element- earthy tones, elements from Mother Earth herself like beautiful leafy greens, pinecones, or a bouquet of flowers, and perhaps an image or statue of an inspiring goddess (living, deceased, or spiritual). All of these ingredients should be placed neatly wherever you plan to hold your ceremony to call in the profound energy of Virgo. 

Gather Materials: For the ritual, we always recommend using a Sage Smudge Stick during a Full Moon for it’s cleansing properties. Since a Full Moon is a time to release and/or celebrate, it is always a great idea to rid your space and self of any negative or lower vibrations. Energetically this works, but there is also amazing science behind the cleansing property of sage (see here what the Alchemist’s Kitchen has to say) And, we’re recommending Frankincense essential oil (soothes the mind and enhance immunity) and jade (stabilizes stress), moss agate (patience & determination), and/or jasper (motivation) crystals. You’ll also want a pen and paper when the time comes to sit down and enjoy the Full Moon Ritual. Prepare yourself and your space- Virgo calls for organization. 

Clear your Mind: Before the fullness of La Luna (especially when she’s in the health-driven sign of Virgo), it is really important to get clear. We bring so much attention to our bodies in the western world. And while tending to the temple of the body is vital and should be continued, equal attention should be given to exercising, feeding, and resting the mind. So, consider going for a long walk without headphones just listening to the mighty world around you, enjoy a yoga class and ride or walk home without listening to anything, unplug for a day- or at least vow to not check social media for an entire day, practice mindful meditation every day from now until Full Moon (on 2/19)- 5 minutes a day will change your life, and/or visit the journal feature on the moonlit app, set a timer on your phone for 5-10 minutes and write anything that’s cluttering your mind everyday from now until 2/19- this could be to-do lists, fears, anything causing stress, or new ideas.

By taking the time to pause, tune in, and look up to the wisdom from above we will find ourselves in a marvelous flow of harmony. Life gets overwhelming when we’re forcing ourselves against the given energy. This is literally why we created the moonlit app- to remind us to follow the guidance we’re already being gifted. When we respond to the themes of each lunar phase, even the most trying circumstances are faced with fierce grace, leading to more responsiveness and less reaction. We hope you enjoy the upcoming Full Moon Ritual- complete with astro-insight, a ceremony, guided meditation, and journal prompt all specific to THIS Virgo Moon. Surrender into the flow and always know peace. Sending blessings for Liberation, Illumination, and Transformation- Stay L.I.T!

All the love,

Alee Link