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How to GET LIT!

When Alee Link and I first began to think about the creation of Moonlit, we were stoked, to say the least. We felt like tea cups, being filled by an endless pot of water, overflowing with inspiration, enthusiasm and excitement (real life, we are still those tea cups).

If you had been witness to the number and length of our texts messages back then, in late spring of 2017, you would probably laugh considering we saw each other daily. You would most likely question, “Don’t they get annoyed with one another?” And we would giggly respond, “No, not at all.” For, how could we tame our excitement for what would soon be a dream, manifested (by the Moon herself) into reality. Soon, we would begin putting the work in to create a sort of nucleus that would attract our TRIBE. Soon, we would create a way for people, from all over the world, to gather together in ceremony, to free themselves from society’s clock, to get CLEAR about their truths and to prosper under the power of the Moon. We were so VERY excited. 

But, before we could really get started, we felt that a name was in order. We knew the cornerstones of our creation would need to be in the life of the name. Words such as Moon (of course), ritual, ceremony, freedom, manifestation, clarity, alignment and shift, were in mind. But as much as we craved our name to come, we didn’t make a big fuss over it, for we truly believe that the Universe delivers us the messages we need when the time is right. And so, we patiently waited. 

After about a month of listening to the Universe’s messages, and a couple “almosts,” Moonlit Tribe finally came to us. How? Well, let me tell you. 

It began with a conversation I had with my younger cousin, Layne. Layne, at the time, was a sophomore in college at Texas Tech University. Obviously, she was in that super cool, college kid phase, that I myself was way out of. I can’t remember exactly what we were talking about, but something about her college life and how things were going for her. As she was explaining something, she said, “Yeah, it was totally LIT.” (Side note: Alee would have totally known what LIT meant to Layne, for she is stays super hip, but I am more like a grandma in many ways, so I had NO clue).

In response, I said to Layne, “Okay, since I am older and obviously don’t understand all the new lingo, what does LIT exactly mean?” She said, “It means that the moment you are in is super cool, amazing or turned up. Okay, it’s also used as to be high or completely wasted. But, what I mean is- it was amazing.”

At this point, I cut off our conversation (probably awkwardly, of course) and went straight to my phone. I looked up the #lit hashtag on IG, only to see it had been used some millions of times (14.2 million today)! There were Instagram photos of people drinking, dancing, smoking and laughing. There were people getting tattoos, shooting guns, showing off their gym bods, eating- you name it, it has been tagged. Seriously, a lot of people were getting #lit. And with our business’ name on my mind, and it being a big part of mine and Alee’s our text conversation, I opened up my messages and simply wrote the letters L.I.T. to her. Seconds later, as I saw her bubbles forming, I wrote something of the nature… “to be LIT today, means to be connected to be cool, according to my cousin. But, our lives would be so much more amazing, as a human race, if we were all invested in aligning with nature’s rhythms and becoming the best versions of ourselves. A different kind of LIT needs to be born. What do you think?”

Her bubbles quickly turned into words- Liberated, Illuminated, Transformed. 

Then, after a number of text screams of excitement, we came to MoonLIT. Thus, Moonlit Tribe became our name. 

With all of that being said, instead of #gettinglit via Bustle’s 2015 definition (which summarized is: getting turned up via a party, booze, drugs, vices of many kinds), we invite you to get spiritually LIT instead. 


Choose to be: 

LIBERATED from society’s clock, and dance with the rhythms of nature, feeling your innate connection with the universe as a whole. Realize that at every moment, you have the power to manifest the life you dream of. You have everything you need, right now. So, do the damn thang! 

ILLUMINATED under the Moon, noticing your inner shifts of energy as she moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac and her many brilliant phases. Using your understanding of the energies available to you, you choose to create a life full of ceremony. You are aware, present and grateful. Always. 

TRANSFORMED through you inner work, as you have looked up, tuned in and responded to your ridiculously beautiful life. You live by the fact that there is no specific end point to your growth; like Moon, you show up authentically and bloom, again and again. 

Thus, you choose to #getLITto #stayLIT. 

Shine brightly loves, 

Allison Janssen