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For the Taurus Full Moon

When we first begin tapping into the energies offered to us by Sweet Mother Moon and our Universe at large, we naturally begin to select favorites. We chose phases, astrological signs, elements, seasons even, that we feel COMFORTABLE with- that jive seamlessly with our beings. The others, we deem “not for us,” weird, horrible even. We point out all the flaws with a given sign or phase, claiming sometimes grand opinions about each. We make definitive statements, such as:

“I get really irritated every time the Moon is in a waxing crescent.”

“Leo’s can be so annoying, always trying to be the center of attention.”

“I feel stuck unless I am near a body of water.”

“Winter depresses me.”

“I DO not get along with Taurus’. I just don’t get them. I mean why do they need to pack a 50 pound bag AND a carry on for a 2 day vacation?”

Sound familiar?

In many ways, this initial selection is intelligent, for it helps us to define where we are at ease. But, the more we open ourselves up to learn the lessons of the mighty Universe we live in, we soon realize that there is something waiting, something DIVINE in store for each of us in the UNCOMFORTABLE, the challenging or difficult energies we come across. We learn to honor the fact that there is a lesson in every season, every phase and every sign. This fact has been a HUGE game changer for us in our individual growths at Moonlit Tribe. It is hard not to giggle about our preferences- our comfort zones. Of course, we have them. But, with great awareness, we ARE working with them.

Years ago, if someone would have asked me to write a piece on the lessons we can learn from our Taurean friends and their strong Earth energy, I most likely would have laughed. I would have said, “You’re totally asking the wrong person to write that piece. Polar opposites over here.” The reason being that back then, I felt personally bothered under her energy; annoyed at the slow pace she sets, her fixed stubborn nature and gathering of things. But today, after many years of sitting in and choosing to respond wisely to spaces of discomfort, I have gained SO much appreciation for the characteristics I use to be easily bothered by. Instead of feeling annoyed by her light’s slow approach to the world around, I have learned that it is patience I am gaining. Instead of viewing the determination that tends to set in as stubborness, I now understand it as a way to dig in and honor our individual truths. And instead of being bothered by my Taurean friend who has two very large travel bags for a two day weekend, I see her extra baggage as possible cute outfits for me to wear and new make-up to try!

So, as the Moon moves into her full light this coming October 24th, may we take note of the moments and the spaces in which we feel both comfortable and uncomfortable. May we inquire within to find the sparks, the reasons, behind our preferences. May we choose awareness- and MAY WE LET GO of what is not serving us- acknowledging that when we feel uncomfortable, it is then that we are learning to clearly see.

To prepare for THIS specific moon, the time is now to gather your essentials for the Full Moon Ritual on the moonlit app. When we prepare with intention, the energy is amplified and the possibility for expansion becomes exponential! For the Taurus Full Moon, we’re recommending Earthy energy. Taurus is the sign that loves gorgeous textures, the beauty of this natural world and calls in abundance. So, consider preparing your sacred space with blue and green hues, grounding, yet, stimulating oils like Cedarwood or Eucalyptus, and stabilizing, yet luxurious crystals like rose quartz and emerald. And don’t forget your sage smudge stick. We always use sage on a full moon because it holds the power to cleanse your space and your body of any negative energy or lower vibrations. Here’s the thing: as we prepare for a full moon, be kind, tune in, and listen… It is easy to get obsessed and feel like you need everything on our list in order to have the perfect ritual- but all you really need is an open mind, open heart, and willingness to expand. We hope this full moon brings you blessings of Liberation, Illumination, and Transformation- #getLIT