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Figure it Out

I am a yoga teacher… not a therapist, doctor, psychiatrist, or nutritionist. And I don’t have all the answers… Although, sometimes I like to think I do (that is my Cancer Sun and Virgo Moon coming out). The reality is, nobody does- not even the therapist or doctor. As much as we’d like to depend on them, google, and our yoga teachers for the answers to our physical, emotional, and mental issues and healing, our specific lives are personal jobs. Healing cannot happen externally.

I can’t tell you how often students will ask “What am I supposed to feel in this pose?” My answer is always, “What DO you feel in this pose?” And whatever they observe is THE answer to their question. I share this concept not out of annoyance, but rather love. My prayer for all of my students (and humanity) is that they will begin to FEEL for themselves. On and off the mat, if we could all take the time to slow down enough to truly experience our minds, bodies, and spirits, it is then that we begin to realize that everything we need is already alive within us. All of the answers…

You might be thinking, “I know you say everything I need is within me and that sounds lovely, but how on earth do I begin to access this information?” First and foremost, we must become completely tuned in and aware. Next we must have the confidence to trust our wisdom and the determination to take action! 

In order to become deeply aware of our inner and outer workings, we must slow down enough to NOTICE what’s truly going on and resist the urge to cover up feelings and sensations. We live in a world of constant distraction and these distractions (via social media, the news, and other people) are pulling us further and further from realizing our personal potential and power! If you get a headache every single day, this is not a random occurrence. This is your body trying to get your attention. Something is going on. What is it? If we continue to ignore the headache and take an Advil everyday to mask the pain, we are living a false reality. Now, does this mean we never take the Advil and just live in physical pain? Of course not- honor your body… My point here is we must respect our sacred temples so much that we do what’s necessary to figure out what’s going on. Are we sensitive to a specific food we’re eating every day? Are our hormones out of balance? Are we overstressed or overworked? We must ask the questions and be fearless enough to listen to the answers- otherwise, the headache (or issue) will come back every single day and amplify, causing more problems. 

Sure, we can and should turn to our doctors, therapists, and teachers to help guide us to the answers we’re searching for; but to rely solely on their words and thoughts is another form of suffering. We become dependent on other people to heal something within US… This means we don’t value ourselves enough to listen to our own bodies and to feel our depths. Because of the world of conditioning we’ve grown up in, we have been taught to look outside ourselves, which teaches us and our youth that we aren’t as smart as our doctors, teachers, parents, or therapists. The game-changer in this life is realizing you are a wise being of divine intelligence. 

This Quarter Moon in the mothering sign of Cancer is here to remind us of the power of becoming your own mother. Truly, it is no one else’s job to actually provide ALL the answers. Some may think they have YOUR answers, but this simply isn’t the case. Cancer is ruled by the moon; therefore, it is a sign of heightened intuition, nurturing, and inner intelligence. The lessons of Cancer are valuable always; but when the moon is in this sign, we will feel these energies amplified. So, during this time, consider the light of nurturing yourself enough to really get to the root of what’s going on within and around you. Let us release the urge to constantly rely on other people and instead grow into our matriarchal wisdom. 

Similarly, we must not take this to the opposite end of the spectrum either… We must understand that we are here to heal ourselves, not others. For those of us in the roles of doctor, teacher, parent, therapist, etc, let us have the courage to simply hold space and offer guidance when one asks for guidance. I have struggled in wanting someone to just straight up TELL ME WHAT TO DO and I have also suffered from trying to constantly tell other people what to do. This is not my job. I used to stress myself out and cause trauma within because I couldn’t “fix” everyone… I couldn’t help those who I thought needed help… This was/is my ego trying to steal the journey of another being. You see, everyone on this planet has been divinely designed to be the guru* of their own lives. We’ve been gifted specific strengths, which uplift our collective community- each of us holding unique super powers that are incredibly valuable on this planet RIGHT NOW. To try to constantly convince others of your ways is literally living in fear and if the ultimate dream here on earth is to experience the liberation of love, we must surrender into a life of being confident enough to let other’s experience their own adventurous lives- this includes their healing. How will we learn the lessons that will guide us into a higher state of consciousness and awareness if we aren’t experiencing our own lives and doing the work to heal ourselves?

Of course, we can all offer guidance to the greater good; but ultimately, said guidance should be offered by setting an example and living in light. This is what drives my love of the wisdom from our Mother Moon. She is just kindly and patiently guiding us into our own light. There is no force with her wisdom, just grace. La Luna offers this higher intelligence and specific energy in order to guide us into a state of fluidity and harmony, into confidence in our truth, and into profound LOVE for ourselves, this planet, and each other. Let it be known that I am in no way suggesting a doctor doesn’t have her/his place in your healing journey if you have, for instance, heart disease. Quite the contrary… The doctor is there (like the moon) to offer guidance and suggestions, but ultimately you have to make the change in your diet and lifestyle. YOU must listen to your intuition and KNOW the medicinal path for your recovery. The moon reminds us every single day of the power of flowing with the phases of our lives. Understand that there will be ups and downs, ebbs and flows, valleys and mountains… have the courage to figure it out regardless and stand strong in the POWER OF YOU!!!

Sending you blessings for Liberation, Illumination, and Transformation. 

Stay L.I.T.,


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*Guru: A sanskrit word meaning the one who transforms the darkness of ignorance to the light of intelligence.