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Your questions answered.
Why the Moon?

Because it literally MOVES THE OCEAN. And since we are mostly composed of water, it just makes sense that la Luna effects us as well. We have experienced first hand the power of looking up, tuning in, and USING the specific energy of the moon to help guide us. The result? Pure magic!

When do New and Full Moon Rituals drop?

As a Moonlit Tribe Member, you can expect usually 2 rituals per month, becoming available to you ON the day of the New and Full Moon!

If I missed the ritual, is there a way I can go back and still complete it? Say, like a day or two later?

Yes! The purpose of Moonlit App and our gorgeous tribe is to make connecting with La Luna and each other approachable. And, approachable means understanding that LIFE is better lived in flow, without rigidity. Therefore, you will always be able to access the last ritual via the calendar inside the app. Look for the date of the moon (signified by a green dot), click on it and then press begin ritual!

Can anyone see my journal entries?

Absolutely not! Your journal entries are for your eyes only!

What does the app mean by “share” at the end of my ritual? What exactly does it share?

Simply press that share button and you can share your “Ritual Completion Card” with its Mantra to Instagram or Facebook automatically- serving as a reminder of the intentions you set or oh so sweet RELEASE! Don’t forget to tag @moonlittribe, so we can join in on your journey of growth! You could also choose to “save” the image, making it your background screen on your phone, sharing it with your friends via text or whatever serves YOU best!