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But, why the Moon?

The other day, I had someone ask me… “Why do you place your focus on the Moon? Why not the Sun or any other planet in space? What is the deal? Don’t they all matter?”

This question, got me circulating… I thought, “If he is thinking this, I bet you hundreds, maybe thousands of other people have asked themselves the same question when trying to understand our Moonlit Tribe or any other Moon fixators and shakers on our great planet.” I mean it is a logical question, for it’s true…there ARE so many other instruments playing in our Universe’s band, all helping to create this great rhythm we are dancing to! So, “Why the Moon?” 

Well let me start by saying I have two go-to answers to this question. One answer is the juicy, deep, mystic answer that is all about water and emotions, and reveals my Scorpio Sun and Rising nature. And my other answer, comes more from my Moon in Sagittarius, where I really like to think of the big inclusive picture and get to the point with my words and actions. Right, direct, straight to it. 

And while I LOVE the deep and juicy, I end up using my Sagittarius answer more often because it is one that, I believe, can be appreciated by ALL. As an answer, it doesn’t prompt more questions. It doesn’t require that you believe in astrology, know the signs and the essence of their 12 different energies. I mean real life, not everyone is into nor wants to understand astrology. In my book, this is a-okay, because the Moon’s wisdom doesn’t have to been seen through an astrological lens to be potent. Okay, I do feel that understanding astrology is VERY useful in working with the Moon. But, my point is that you don’t have to GET Astrology to work with the Moon. She is a potent source for growth through her sheer presence, as an almost tangible point in nature in the way sun’s light reflects off of her surface each passing day. The Moon is an approachable point for us Earthly beings. Point blank. 

And this is where my Sag answer comes in. 

“I place my attention on the Moon because I can see her with ease.”

That… simple. 

Now, I know, this probably is NOT the eloquent answer you thought I would give. You probably expected me to answer in a way more poetic way, like the Moon herself. But, today is not that day. I am in ‘details, schmetails’ Sag mode. 

So, yes, I place my attention on the Moon, BECAUSE I can see her move, phase and inspire. I can look to her before I close my eyes to sleep and wake up before dawn to see her gesturing still. And while she is ever reliable, there is nothing static about her. She moves in spirals, cycles and twirls. And, I can understand the energy she is offering just by seeing the amount of light she is showcasing. 

SHE is a daily reminder of perspective. True, beautiful perspective. 

Perspective of my wholeness, even as light and dark play their roles in the tale of my life.

Perspective in the beauty change brings. 

Perspective of the interconnected nature of our Earthly bodies and all other life on our planet (the female menstrual cycle is literally tied to the Moon).

Perspective into the guidance meandering can bring; that life is not linear but cyclical. And sometimes cycles look like zig zags, but they aren’t actually, you just have to zoom OUT to see!

And the BIG ONE being… perspective into my small, yet vital presence on this vast sphere of fire, water and matter swirling through more fire, water and matter. I mean, if this thought alone doesn’t coat you in connection… I don’t know what will. 

So, yes, ALL planets and their movements are important. And yes, understanding the astrological shifts are valuable too. But, all of the former is more esoteric than not. The truth is that us humans LOVE the tangible. If we had the choice, we would choose sensory overload versus sensory deprivation, because we WANT to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. And since the Moon is our closest celestial body, she comes closest to all of our senses. Knowing her is plausible. I mean, humans HAVE been to the Moon. Therefore, she is easy to feel, because we can see her and engage with her through her continuum of phases.

And this is why elements and astrology aside, I choose the Moon. I can see her. We can see her, most day in and day out. And by seeing her, we realize that we are part of these great cycles. We matter. Our choices matter. Our actions matter. How we LIVE, matters. 

So, for that person out there that questions to you, “Why the Moon?” I hope this little tid-bit gives you some insight as to WHY.

All anyone ever needs to do is go outside at night and look up! This LIFE of yours matters!

Stay L.I.T.,

Allison Janssen