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I’m that person in a social situation: “Wait, do you know your moon sign? No? Let me check for you. Ahhh, a scorpio moon- makes all the sense. Ok, continue. What were you saying?” Why is this such a big deal to me? Because currently in my life I’m trying immensely to understand why people are the way they are so that

When we first begin tapping into the energies offered to us by Sweet Mother Moon and our Universe at large, we naturally begin to select favorites. We chose phases, astrological signs, elements, seasons even, that we feel COMFORTABLE with- that jive seamlessly with our beings. The others, we deem “not for us,” weird, horrible even. We point out all the flaws with

Let’s begin by saying that we believe little in life happens by chance. The experiences we are part of, the journeys we embark on are not random, but instead, cosmically designed. So too was the creation of Moonlit, when two Moon sisters and fellow yoga teachers realized that they were both listening and attuning into the same rhythm, swaying to the same sweet