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Every morning over the past two weeks, I make my jasmine green tea and venture outside into our yard farm, usually with a toddler or two trailing right behind me, mostly just to marvel at the morning light shining so profoundly on our crops. To my right, there is a peach tree that practically speaks to me every single day- almost as

Could you imagine a world where we really understood that every moment was to be honored in ceremony? A world where we took time to notice the details of the light casting its golden glow on the tops of the trees, turning green leaves into wild illumination as the sun makes its decent, as day transforms into night… As we notice these

Get Clear & Organized: Virgo is the sign of cleanliness and order. This full moon arises to remind us to get clear. Everything in our lives is energy and that energy is either leading us closer toward our dharma (highest purpose) or pulling us further away from it. So, take the time to clean out your car, your closet, and/or a junk

One year ago today, I started my long journey home from India, where I had just spent two of the most intense weeks of my life. Upon return, I simply wrote: “I never knew what an open heart felt like until I opened it.” Up until that point, I genuinely thought my heart was open… I mean, I’m a yoga teacher, a

When Alee Link and I first began to think about the creation of Moonlit, we were stoked, to say the least. We felt like tea cups, being filled by an endless pot of water, overflowing with inspiration, enthusiasm and excitement (real life, we are still those tea cups). If you had been witness to the number and length of our texts messages back