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Tomorrow, the Moon moves into her Third Quarter phase still under the courageous sign of Aries. This movement marks for us a point to continue our exploration of how to tap into the elements Mother Moon moves through. Excited? I am, for this means I get to share with you my understanding of how we can harness the element of FIRE! Yes, FIRE

The other day, I had someone ask me… “Why do you place your focus on the Moon? Why not the Sun or any other planet in space? What is the deal? Don’t they all matter?” This question, got me circulating… I thought, “If he is thinking this, I bet you hundreds, maybe thousands of other people have asked themselves the same question when

No matter where I am or who I’m with, the first thing I do every single day upon awakening (after my morning cleansing: toilet, scraping the tongue, cold water on the face, and lemon water), I start heating the water. Whether I’m at home with the children, traveling with the husband, or on a retreat, my excitement for my morning tea is

This cycle’s third quarter Moon (MAY 26) falls into the Zodiac’s last sign water sign, the imaginative and adaptable sign of Pisces. This, of course, makes SO much sense to me that I am writing this piece for the dream of a Pisces Moon, for it was WATER that was most naturally accessible in FEELING and activity to me when I began

What if we stopped glorifying being busy and instead celebrated, as victories, our moments of passion and play?!? Honestly, what a world we would live in where people were genuinely finding pleasure in their everyday lives. Instead, we live in a world where now when asked “how are things?” We instinctively respond with “busy!”  I’m guilty of responding in this way too, but what