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The hugest reason we created the moonlit app in the first place was because we dreamed of a world where people were so connected to themselves, each other, the natural world, and the Universe that they developed the courage and confidence to reclaim their personal power.  You see, we currently live in a world where we depend on other people to think, feel,

Have you ever heard the old aphorism, “the winds of change are upon us?” Well, in my view, the wind, the change being referred to is spurred, linked and stimulated by the most amicable of all four elements, AIR herself. AIR, while holding a “light” notation, is incredibly powerful and stable in her purest form; capable of ushering us forward into new cycles, understandings

EARTH- Hallelujah.  I know you all get me, for the nurturing and stable energy of tomorrow’s Third Quarter Moon in Taurus, as the Sun too moves into the element of Earth in Virgo (August 23, 2019), comes as a true RETREAT after the recent FIRE of our Aries Moon and Leo Sun we basked in earlier this week.   Truly, as necessary as the

I recently returned from leading a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in the mountains of North, GA where I invite my students to join me in nature for two weeks in order to learn the truest meaning of the word Yoga (to connect). I firmly believe that in order to teach ANYTHING in this world, we must first understand it, which is why

Tomorrow, the Moon moves into her Third Quarter phase still under the courageous sign of Aries. This movement marks for us a point to continue our exploration of how to tap into the elements Mother Moon moves through. Excited? I am, for this means I get to share with you my understanding of how we can harness the element of FIRE! Yes, FIRE

The other day, I had someone ask me… “Why do you place your focus on the Moon? Why not the Sun or any other planet in space? What is the deal? Don’t they all matter?” This question, got me circulating… I thought, “If he is thinking this, I bet you hundreds, maybe thousands of other people have asked themselves the same question when