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Awake and Aware

No matter where I am or who I’m with, the first thing I do every single day upon awakening (after my morning cleansing: toilet, scraping the tongue, cold water on the face, and lemon water), I start heating the water. Whether I’m at home with the children, traveling with the husband, or on a retreat, my excitement for my morning tea is literally animalistic. Sometimes I even go to sleep, thinking about how divine the morning Jasmine Tea will be…

No matter what your morning beverage is, I think we can all agree that there is something so sacred about the smell, the ritual, the warmth, the taste of our tea or coffee in the morning… And I’ve noticed everyone I’ve ever traveled with is truly ecstatic to get their soothing, stimulating liquid as soon as they wake up. Why is it that we all LOVE this morning ritual?

Well, first of all, it’s a ritual and rituals make even the most mundane activities feel special- but why is it that THIS specific ritual that is completely universal and practiced first thing in the morning all over world seemingly non-negotiable with most humans, craved, adored, celebrated, and NEEDED?

It’s because it WAKES US UP. The drink, the caffeine, the feeling of it all is literally waking up our bodies and minds, making us more alert, aware, and focused… And that is exciting to us! To wake up is the greatest gift of all. And to wake up over and over again, every single day?!? Now, that is a damn miracle and not to be taken lightly.

After we wake up and have our coffee or tea, we typically feel a jolt of energy- we’re ready for the day… and then the lists start to pile up, the children take all of our energy, the emails are non-stop, and we shift from awakened awareness to autopilot without even realizing it. We live in a world now that is literally TRYING to distract us from waking up, tuning in, and staying aware. It’s easier to sell us things, to control us, and make us think that we aren’t enough and need more when we’re operating on autopilot, completely distracted from the truths of the world… But, when we’re awake and aware, it is easy to see that everything we need is already alive within us and around us. This doesn’t mean that we can’t want new things or treat ourselves every now and then, but when we WAKE UP and become wildly aware of our internal and external realities, everything in this life is truly put into perspective. 

Waking up feels so good, that we literally crave it- we drink our morning beverages, we take yoga, we take B vitamins and more all in an effort to stay awake. So often in the afternoon, we feel depleted and like we need more caffeine in order to get through the second half of the day and while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is so vital to understand WHY we feel totally depleted in the afternoon… Typically we lose energy during the day because we slip back into the state of autopilot as soon as we get going with our day. The constant distractions, meaningless work, endless to-do lists, or thoughtless lifestyle choices can lead us quickly down the path of sleepwalking through this life. We might say to ourselves or others, “we’re just trying to get by…” 

Trust me, I get it!!! Been there, done that! And honestly, I still catch myself falling back into the habitual state of autopilot and lack of afternoon energy- but now, when I feel depleted after lunch, it is this gorgeous opportunity to CHECK IN: what drained me today? How could I ask for more help next time? Was all of that really necessary? Was I distracted?

I check in and take a moment to say a prayer, vowing to honor what it means to live in a state of wild awareness. We are so very lucky to be alive right here and now in this new Age of Aquarius- an age that our ancestors predicted would be a time of awakening. Let’s prove them right and stay tuned in to the mighty workings of our internal and external worlds. To be awake and aware often seems like it would be MORE work, when in fact, it merely makes life so much more simple and honestly, easy! Sounds too good to be true? Right?!? It doesn’t have to be- with the suggestions below, I know you might read and roll your eyes, saying “that sounds lovely, but it’s impossible for me.” The reality, though? It’s not impossible to shift, to change, to grow… In fact, it’s vital, essential, and completely necessary. With an open mind and receptive heart, consider the following: 

5 Ways to Awaken to Awareness:

  1. Simplify Your Life: What do you really NEED? What do you TRULY desire? Simplify the toys in your home if you’re a parent or caregiver- make a rule for no toys that make noise. Do you and/or your children really need all of those activities? What can you edit in your life in the name of simplification? Take a look at ALL of your lists (grocery, target, to-do, etc), and subtract 3 things. 
  2. Limit the Screentime: This one is tough, but amazingly powerful. Take a moment to make a social media schedule for yourself. I know it sounds silly, but in the Age of Aquarius also comes constant connectivity and communication, which is a gorgeous thing until it becomes mindless. A little scrolling here and there is perfectly fine and honestly, if your Instagram feed is filled with inspiring accounts and people you love and admire, it can be mindful and beautiful, but so often we will be scrolling for hours without even realizing it. ***Great tip: turn off notifications- this alone changed my life!
  3. Turn Off the TV: Similar to the suggestion above, a little can be profound for the soul (especially nowadays with the INCREDIBLY brilliant programming and thought-provoking stories available to us)- but so often, we turn the television on first thing in the morning or as soon as we get home from work and we aren’t even really watching it, we just have it on as background noise. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, the sounds, thoughts, and ideas from the screen are seeping into our beings, cluttering our minds, and distracting us from our thoughts, feelings, and emotions- this clouds our (and our children’s) ability to be creative, to make conscious, compassionate choices, and to think clearly and DEEPLY. It has helped me tremendously to gift myself one hour every Tuesday night- I will watch ONE show for weeks, sometimes months. I look forward to this time, I tune in to whatever I’m watching with deep awareness and I choose what I’m watching with intention. And some weeks, I’ll watch a movie on Sunday evening… This time in itself has become a sacred ritual for me that I treasure. (I literally used to SLEEP with the TV on and have it on ALL every waking hour as well- so I’ve come a long way and honestly, the clarity I’ve gained has been on another level of what I even thought possible in my life.) This schedule may not be for everyone, but at least start by limiting the time the television is actually on. Turn it off unless you are truly sitting down to watch a show that makes you wildly excited!
  4. Go Outside: Notice the world around you. By spending more time outside, we lessen our need for the distractions of screens or over-analyzing, or over-thinking. Sitting outside for your morning beverage, going for a walk during your lunch break, or taking a moment outside before bed to just sit and take in the scenery, smells, and sounds can literally alter your life. You’ll begin to notice that when you’re outside, everything is quickly put into perspective and the natural world becomes your entertainment.
  5. Tune in to the Moon: This is literally why we created the moonlit app- in a effort to share what awakened awareness has done for us! By tuning in the the energy of each phase of the moon and responding to it instead of forcing ourselves against it, we become a lot less distracted and a lot more AWAKE. This is also why we offer Full and New Moon Rituals on the moonlit app twice a month because these rituals are designed to wake us up and bring us into a heightened state of awareness so that we truly are living our best lives, at our highest potential, pure and alive in connectivity and LOVE. We owe it to ourselves, our ancestors, each other, this planet, our children, and all that is. 

These suggestions for awakened awareness will absolutely guide us into our truth, connect us like never before, and bring abundance into our lives that we never knew was possible for us! But, you know what??? IT IS POSSIBLE and it IS HAPPENING!!! Right in front of your eyes, all around you, and within you- miracles are occurring & magic is alive. Your only job now? Awaken to awareness! 

May we keep our energy and clarity up throughout the day by tuning in, waking up, and staying wildly aware. Life is too short to sleepwalk through it (and a lot more fun, easy, and exciting when we’re AWAKE).

Sending loads of love to all of your awakened souls!

Stay L.I.T.,