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An Invocation to Spring

Every morning over the past two weeks, I make my jasmine green tea and venture outside into our yard farm, usually with a toddler or two trailing right behind me, mostly just to marvel at the morning light shining so profoundly on our crops. To my right, there is a peach tree that practically speaks to me every single day- almost as if its begging me to take note, to come study her details, to bask in her energy. And because I don’t F with Mother Nature, I listen. 

I have closely observed the details of the evolution of this tree from the moment I noticed tiny pink buds starting to poke through the wooden branches a few weeks ago. As if overnight, those buds burst into light pink and magenta flowers. The branches were literally covered in these blooms and my children figured it must be the magical workings of the garden fairies. Then, the petals began to softly fall off the flowers, which brought about an unexpected sadness. The beauty was literally falling off the tree. How could this be? My tree!!! My beautiful, pink speckled tree. But, then a couple of days ago, I noticed that yes, the petals were being shed, leaving only the pistil (middle) of the flower, which resembled a soft firecracker, which was lovely in it’s own way but not as physically pleasing as the flowers that were almost majestical. 

Then, today, on the first quarter moon, I walk outside to notice that the tree is now covered with leaves. Almost all the petals have fallen, creating designs on the earth. And where those flowers once were, buds are forming yet again. This time, those buds will eventually become the fruit. The Georgia Peach will soon be born. And that is the mighty cycle of this life. Of course, the moon reminds us of this every single day with her phases, but to see it physically in front of my face and really study the details of the science of nature and how my emotions responded was eye-opening.

During this time of year, we are bidding farewell Pisces Season- the final sign of the Zodiac System- in order to welcome the renewing energy of Aries. This transition happens on the Spring Equinox, which is also the Full Moon in the harmonious sign of Libra. All of these cycles and phases are alive in front of our eyes to support us on this Earth, but also to remind us that we are OF this Earth. We are literally animals, which means each of us will experience the phases of the natural world no matter what, so we might as well tune into them and align with these fascinating phases instead of forcing ourselves against them… Life becomes much more fluid, seamless, and harmonious when we are aware of what’s going on in the world around us and then responding to that energy. 

The cycle of the peach tree on our yard farm was my reminder that newness is beautiful, but just when you get used to it, something happens (aka- the fallen petals) to shake our worlds up and then we have another moment of newness, which we will grow with and nurture until yet again, another cycle, a new phase, a new season comes into fruition. Although the petals are now on the ground, I can see the tiny buds of the literal peaches that my children will pick and savor this summer. You see, it is all divinely planned FOR us and will blow our minds if we become aware enough to let it.

I share this to remind us all of the beauty of this upcoming season- the season of literal birth. May we use these next few days to align with the cycles of the moon with the help of the moonlit app, which will always keep you up to date with the current phase of the moon and the energy that goes with it so that we are wholly and fully aligned, tuned in, and able to respond like never before. On March 20th, we can expect the Spring Equinox, a time of equal parts day & night, sun & moon, light & dark, masculine & feminine, along with a Full Moon in the sign of Libra, which is the sign of balance, harmony, and relationship. So this day will be a powerful one for welcoming a new page in the books of our lives- maybe even a new chapter or a whole new book. Set yourself up for mighty success NOW by knowing that this time will bring forth great newness in our lives regardless of if we’re ready or not… So, we might as well get ready to birth this new phase and welcome this new season physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

The first part of this year, astrologically & energetically, has been dedicated to picking unnecessary weeds in the gardens of our lives, to pruning, nurturing, and cleaning up shop all in preparation for this moment of rebirth. Sisters and Brothers, I am ready! You are ready! WE ARE READY!!!! May this be the most profound changing of the seasons yet in your life. Enjoy these last few days of winter and use them to focus on your strong foundations, the sturdy stems in your lives and your belief systems- close necessary doors once and for all, speak up for what you want and believe in, and take action to breathe life into the manifestations of your dreams. 

The Full Moon Ritual for the Libra Lunar Event will be live on the moonlit app on March 20th and trust us when we say, you won’t want to miss this one! Sending you blessings for Liberation, Illumination, and Transformation. Stay L.I.T!