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Be transformed through the power, energy, and wisdom of the lunar cycles.


Take pause, look up, and tune in via yoga, meditation, and sacred rituals specifically designed to shine light on the energy each moon phase delivers.

Be aware.

Know the cycle of the moon and the zodiac sign she lies in at any given time.
Set reminders and schedule time to be present.

Respond in kind.

Respond and be transformed through guided meditation, yoga, and sacred rituals designed specifically for each phase of the moon and zodiac sign.

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Know + Understand

Know exactly which phase the moon is in and the zodiac sign she lies under at any given time. This powerful information shapes everything around us and sets us up to find the light and energy specific to each cycle.

Mantras + Guided Meditation

Each mantra and guided meditation is created specifically for the current phase and zodiac sign. This opens us up to receive and respond rather than force and react.

Calendar + Reminders

Look ahead to future cycles and plan your sacred ritual. Build your calendar round open response rather than forcing plans. Set reminders to alert you when the next phases are coming so that you can set aside time to tune in.

Reflect + Capture

Engage in sacred rituals and capture your response in a simple journal built right into the app. It’s just for you and your journey.


Freely live in response to the natural cycles of our Universe.


Learn the value of responding instead of reacting.


Live a more balanced life of comfort, ease, and alignment.

Get the app and get LIT!

The mobile app includes guided meditations, yoga, mantras, and more.



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